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[ZS] Ignore GM.BossZombiePlayersRequired on low playercount for wave 4 and onwards

  • To make it fair for the zombies on lower player counts, because if the humans make it past wave 3, the assumption can be made they have the firepower (tier >3 weapons) to deal with any zombies that come their way.

    An issue with the current GM.BossZombiePlayersRequired, is a player can simply leave and deny a boss from being spawned, the gamemode should still allow a boss to be spawned if they left during the current wave/intermission.

  • I suck at zombie anyways but this would be a nice change because of how easily overpowered humans can get when there are maybe only 10 people total on the server. Including if they know what they are doing, then it’s shit city and you might as well quit and wait for next game.