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[ZS] A skill, or option to simultaneously remove all nails from a prop

  • Many times, re-barricading becomes impossible due to people adding 3+ nails into a prop. In many cases the health advantage does not exceed the usefulness of re-making barricades but people choose to do so anyway.

    A skill or simply option in the menu to remove all of the nails of a prop at once with R would completely eliminate this problem. If necessary, it could be a branch of barricade expert and only work on props without another barricade expert’s nails in it, to prevent griefing.

    Alternatively, an option to prevent people from nailing your props would be great as well.

  • As an enhancement to Barricade Expert, a nail removal multiplier which will remove non-barricade expert nails in one press of +reload.

    In addition, this would also prove useful -