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Permanantly banned for speedhacking

  • Hello NoXiousNet forums, I was banned a long time ago for “Speedhacking”. I will admit I was doing it as I was younger and edgy, but I currently possess no more hacks so I couldn’t cheat if I wanted to. Anyways to get to the point I would like to be unbanned from the server. I have multiple friends that play across the different NoXiousNet servers, and I would love to play with them, if I can’t get unbanned from a formal request, then I guess my game of choice would be Rocket League, it is the only game on the list I own, and even though I’m rusty, it’s worth a shot.
    Profile Link:
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:49329465

  • Well if you get your other player(s) we can set something up.

  • Alright, I got one person, he said give him an hour so 1 hour good?

  • I’m ready, I’ll try to find your steam and add you

  • Was probably 25 - 1 demos and a 9-0 regular game. Try again in a week if you want.