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Permanently Banned From Spraying and Talking

  • I sprayed a furry spray as a joke in a map and get banned from spraying. I asked why and give a few words of salt and get permanently banned for being a “disgusting Furry”. If a moderator cant talk to me about it or at least warn me, rather than go to extremes due to biasness, “Because you hate furries” Then why even bother talking about it. I have definately seen much worse sprays, but nothing done about them. 0_1473888602448_zs_asylum_v60000.jpg (Just one of the sprays seen laying around)

  • You were only pretending to be a furry?

  • What you gonna do about it, cry some more, bitch? ::punch_tone2: ::punch_tone2: :right_facing_fist:

  • Please ignore the childish posts above; they clearly don’t understand the nuances between furry porn and Overwatch porn. As an expert on both subjects, I can confirm that this was indeed a case of extreme prejudice and/or animal abuse. Thank you for your report.