[ZS] Cyborgs,Robots, and debuffs

  • Just some ideas I thought about seeing how zs is turning into a moba progressive game.

    • New Mechanics

    Metal Armor: takes 200% damage from poison 75% from normal damage. Can be repaired by standing near repair fields or hit by
    mechanic wrench. Repair field heals 1 metal armor per repair pulse. Repairs 3 metal armor per mechanic wrench hit. Cannot regain metal armor from medkits. Cannot be used with any blood armor perks. Also a way to identify those with metal armor, retexture their default player model with metal textures.

    Self Repair: Allows those with “cyborg” or “robot” skills to lay on the ground to initiate “Self Repair”. While upon laying on the ground, repairs 3 metal armor per 5 seconds. Also while laying down, makes you vulnerable to any hit taking 300% from any damage.

    • New Skills

    Cyborg: Half of your health turned into Metal armor. Cannot be used with Robot perk. Cannot be used with any relative blood armor perks.

    Robot: Your health turned into Metal Armor. Cannot be used with Cyborg perk. +20 metal armor. Cannot be used with any relative health perks. Doesn’t work with any blood armor relative perks.

    Self Destruction: Upon death, explodes similar to “Loaded Hull” perk if the user is a robot or cyborg.

    Crippled: +20 worth, Forced to duck.

    One Armed: +20 worth, -50% weapon reload speed -50% aiming speed -50% shooting/melee speed.

    Near Sighted: Similar how to zombies can’t see humans around a corner, Allows the user to only see zombies,props,humans, and deploy-ables up close.

  • what das fuck

  • Sounds like a balance can of worms in terms of new mechanics.

  • Self-destruct sounds pretty cool. Everything else is crud, though.

  • Should add the Can (of worms) as a food item.

    https://forum.noxiousnet.com/topic/14322/publish-418/40 has other skill suggestions by fructose

  • Doesn’t seem like a bad idea

  • Self Destruction would be silly; the difference between this and Loaded Hull is that when your manhack dies and blows up, you’re still on the human team.
    With Self Destruction, you would be hurting/kill other zombies who’s side you’re now on, so it’s really not helping, apart from maybe netting a few more experience points.

    I like the idea behind Crippled but you still need to be able to go to up ladders or jump on stuff;. Taking periodic damage when standing up instead could be interesting.

  • So you’re saying that people who blow themselves up with a detpack along with the zombies are actually griefing the zombie team? Nice logic you’ve got there.

  • cop: your good at gun so you damage more than 125% but you randomly shoot people with black player models

    you’re move creepy

  • @Humin Same thing, people do it because it gives a huge amount of experience points, though people do it when the cade is down and the game’s obviously lost usually. It’s still dumb.

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