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Need Active Staff

  • I feel like there needs to be more active staff, the servers don’t seem to have staff on anytime I am on. And new players come on everyday and break rules and there’s nothing that us normal everyday players can even if we tell them not to do it they still do it no matter what they are told. So I feel like the server needs new staff. (Just my Opinion).

  • @Crabs said in Need Active Staff:

    And new players come on everyday and break rules and there’s nothing that us normal everyday players can even

    So why not do the following:

    1. Report them on the forums -
    2. Alert an administrator
    3. Voteban them if need be.

  • @Raox I understand the reporting part but we cant always have the administrator do everything and there are so many people that do it, We aren’t able to get enough votes to ban the player. I feel like we need to be able to add more staff, there are a lot of active players I should know I am one of them I try to enforce the rules every time I get on, and if a new player doesn’t understand I direct people to the forms and showing them how to support the server by donations. But like I said this is just a opinion.

  • @Crabs said in Need Active Staff:

    I understand the reporting part
    I try to enforce the rules every time I get on


    You’re making a pretty vague complaint for a problem that could be solved with maybe two demos. Also, if the issue is barricading-related, nail removal is logged.

    I honestly don’t believe there’s a flood of people coming on to cheat or grief every time an admin isn’t online for an hour. There have been five threads in the suspension center in the last month, and none of them have been ban requests.

  • I am not talking about people grieving I am talking about people exploiting maps. One major problem is people on the PedoBear Escape 2, people have found ways to where people cant be killed so they just sit there through the hole map and makes it unfair for all other players, and once one person does it. New players thinks its ok for them to use the exploit. And I haven’t seen a admin on the server in a quite a long time. So I don’t see where once a hour comes from on that game mode but I guess I haven’t checked every game mode for the servers yet.

  • Maps can be edited. These problems are solved permanently if you point out inaccessible locations.

    I can imagine pedobear escape rarely having admins, but map exploits aren’t hard to deal with.

  • I thought about that but people kept telling me that once the maps were in they couldn’t be edited without the original map.

  • @Nukkun Could you tell me who I should contact for fixing the maps now that I know that it is possible to fix the problems?

  • Just post a comprehensive list of exploit spots, sorted by map, in the mapping forum. Pictures will help. I’d imagine that you can fix most exploitable locations with a playerclip, but I don’t know who would take the time to edit them all.

  • Alright and I figured this would also show that we still should have some active staff to check on the server when there are people on. Unless there are staff opening for active players. That follow the rules and make sure that new players are welcomed to the servers, I hope at least 1 administrator sees my reasoning in this thread, and thanks again Nukkun.

  • I’m an admin. If you want me to come in and deal with people who are exploiting you can add me on steam.

  • @Nukkun Ok thanks I will add you.

  • if you /admin it nags all of the noxiousnet special forces in mumble so you could use that

  • @Zetanor Thanks tbh I never knew that was on the server I always did !motd and ever got to see the ways to contact staff.