[RELEASE] eft_sc_forts_v1

  • It seems that people like Oddball Arena quite a bit, so here’s another score-ball map for the lads.


    • Map takes place in a small, eerie, abandoned industrial area.
    • Layout is heavily based off ctf_2fort from Team Fortress 2, with some changes.
    • Map includes 3 levels of gameplay. (Upper & Ground level, along with the underground area)
    • Scoreball lasts for 85 seconds, and if not picked up at the end of the timer, will be re-activated for 15 seconds.

    logic_norandomweapons is also used on this map, the following weapons include (# represents seconds to spawn):

    • At Spawn:
      5 melons
      1 booze bottle
      1 beatdown stick

    • 2nd Level:
      1 Mower Trap (30)
      1 Arcane wand (30)

    • Underground:
      1 Big Pole (30)

    • Under Ballspawn:
      1 Nitro Barrel (45)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Download: Here.

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    Added to the server.

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