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Banned for destroying my own nest

  • So… not too long ago i was Banned for a day ( not too bad to be honest ) by Scott
    with the reason "grief"
    but its a bit weird to get banned for destroying my own nest

    here’s the important logs ( sorta ):

    So i made a nest that was very sneakily built behind a wall that could be amazing for storming in
    (but building a nest for some reason does not show up in the logs)

    so i did this -> Sat Aug 27 21:20:55 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot team killed a nest at 322.302795 290.595673 8.031246 (builder: <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot)

    because the nest was convolluted and i could use that extra next option

    i also saw this happen in the logs which i didn’t see happen ingame

    Sat Aug 27 21:21:01 2016 <STEAM_0:0:32163864> Scott team killed a nest at 227.438522 -497.014435 8.031250 (builder: <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot)

    i never wanted to remove this nest, nor did i even know he did it
    i wanted to keep it as a backup if the humans decided to push back
    ( so thanks for destroying my nest, and then banning me )

    then i decided to remove another nest of mine that was kind of backspawning people
    –> Sat Aug 27 21:22:26 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot team killed a nest at -326.463531 275.625458 128.031250 (builder: <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot)

    but then my remaining nest got bugged and people couldn’t spawn in it for some reason

    so this happened: ( the … represent messages inbetween with no relevance)

    Sat Aug 27 21:22:51 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot [Team Say | The Undead]: i made a better nest
    Sat Aug 27 21:22:54 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot [Team Say | The Undead]: use that
    (voice chat of someone talking about a nest being griefed by me)
    Sat Aug 27 21:22:59 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot [Team Say | The Undead]: what?

    Sat Aug 27 21:23:06 2016 <STEAM_0:0:84779949> RRavenz: we got griefed

    Sat Aug 27 21:23:16 2016 <STEAM_0:0:84779949> RRavenz: some zombie destroyed nest

    Sat Aug 27 21:23:26 2016 <STEAM_0:0:32163864> Scott: you just destroyed the nest without building a new one? ( i did not see this by the way )

    Sat Aug 27 21:23:49 2016 <STEAM_0:1:73544112> Roboot has been banned by Scott because grief. The duration is 1 days.

    I have a bit of a cynical attitude now because of this, because this is a genuinely good server.
    but anyways, thanks if you read through this. cya

  • The nest I destroyed was in the basement of the house, and there was a nest closer to where the humans were but people were spawning on the basement one. You may have destroyed your own nest, but there were none left at the time you destroyed the one really close to the humans, thus people complained. Or like you said, there could have been a bugged nest. Either way, if there was no malicious intention (which it seems like there wasn’t) i’ll remove the suspension.