Application for permanent mute lifting

  • My name is Joji, about a year ago (maybe two at this point) I was permanently muted for saying some pretty dumb stuff, mainly shit about how Nox is being ruined by “Newfags” Looking back on it now, I shouldn’t have said that stuff, it was dumb, unfunny, and I’m sorry for it. Since I’ve been visiting Nox servers again, I’d like this permanent mute to be lifted. I’m saying I’m sorry, and I shouldn’t have been such an idiot that night. I hope the admins/mods/whoever to find it in their hearts to lift this.

    Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

  • If you wanted to convince people that you aren’t dumb, a good start would have been posting this in the right forum.

    Post your Steam ID if you want anything done.

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