[DR] Bringing back the Deathrun-exclusive items to revitalize the DR server.

  • Deathrun is completely dead, Nobody plays it anymore, that’s no secret.

    I happen to really like the Deathrun server we had, It was fun while it was active.

    I think if we bring back the ability to get the Deathrun-exclusive shop items (Angel Wings, Runner’s Shoes, Fallen Angel Wings) it would probably get some traffic for a change, and maybe bring the server back to life.

    If I haven’t convinced you or you don’t care, Here’s a picture of a cow. Least you got something out of this.


  • I enjoy Deathrun when there is a good amount of people to be playing with, but the ZS server is so enjoyable and big that it’s the only server that most of us care for, the absolute sheer madness that can erupt in the server is looked upon from a number of people and fighting zombies is just so much more filling than running and bunny-hopping. The old love that I hold for Deathrun servers is high but the life that most Deathrun servers have anymore is scarce to none. This being said to have a NoxiousNet Deathrun server is just vanity at this point, we as a community have a variety of servers to play and talk about but there only seems to be longevity for the ZS server. To bring up the point on Exclusive Shop items we would have to have much more than the few that are available to earn, ranked items, and donator privileges on the server (as frowned upon as that is) I don’t think simple add-on’s to character appearance would make the server be a bustling riot. The Deathrun server is fun to play, just not worth trying to horde others to join along.

  • @Insolubilis Not a bustling riot, but a few people might join on to play, which is a rarity that the server doesn’t have right now, but might have once those items are brought back.

  • @Revya But if we really do want to keep the server alive for much longer we could use about a quarter of the ZS population for fun and to keep the server alive, and honestly the Deathrun server could receive new maps. But it’s basically a “please the masses” which is the tip-toppest of priority.

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