[ZS] Wooism skill should still allow zooming in for Snipers

  • Glass weapons was disabled for the meat hook.

    Having Wooism activated severely negatively affects the use of sniper rifles, and although it’s important to note that the skill disables accuracy gained via crouching and ironsights.
    I believe it should only partially affect snipers, rather than preventing zooming and zooming accuracy, it should only prevent accuracy gained via crouching.

  • Allow people using wooism to enter ironsights for the fov shift alone, accuracy shouldn’t increase.

  • Agreed, it should be fine for Wooism ironsighting to return now as your crosshair won’t be deceptive anymore as it accounts for FOV.

  • So have a perk that disables the accuracy reduction on movement but disables the boost in accuracy from crouching and aiming, but also have a perk that increases accuracy by 10-20% but disables zooming.

  • You took the perk now deal with it.

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