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[GMOD] /callvote command for (x) Silver

  • I forget where I read about it, can’t find seem to it because the new forum format is poking at my retardation, but somewhere in the “eventually to be added” list of features was a /callvote command. Spend (x) amount of silver to call a vote for everyone in the server to participate with no effect on gameplay. Just a fun thing. This features seems to have been forgotten since it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to implement.

    Most of Nox regulars are sitting on millions of Silver anyhow, and adding more ways to dump silver would encourage more playtime. I think spending Silver for community interaction is a good design choice.

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    You can now start a custom vote for 5,000 Silver with /callvote. Doesn’t have any real consequences. For fun.

  • /callvote Donate me 99999999 silver