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[ZS] Clientside Mute

  • Now I don’t know if this is a common issue or not but this has been really bugging me, Clientside mute does not work, when you click on the mute button beside someone’s name they continue to be heard, and the argument can be made that I could simply use voice_enable 0 but I don’t want to ruin my social experience because some retard decides to constantly talk on the mic. I want to hear my friends also, for people in the ballpit I would like to mute retarded kids but not mute some friends that are in the ballpit.
    Is there a way to fix???

  • It’s never going to be fixed.

  • @Box why

  • I call engine functions to do this. If they don’t work then tough, ask someone with engine access.

    Doing this on the server would be too expensive.

  • Banned

    I’ve never understood the complaints about the clientside mute. It seems to work just fine for me though. I guess it could just be a coincidence that every time I use it on someone they stop speaking and are never heard again.