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[ZS] Radius between resupplies and arsenal crates

  • There should be a limit to the amount of resupply boxes and arsenal crates that can be placed in a certain radius.
    Why? to limit the amount of clutter, and to encourage/force players to find a spot for them at other sigils.

    The radius limit is separate for these items.

  • The owners are never going to place their resupplies and arsenals at convenient locations, like the other sigils, and
    will choose to spam the deployables at around zombie spawns (for spawn campers) or just 1 sigil in a bid to compete for most points, and in doing so they are making the fall for other sigils more quicker.

    The gamemode doesn’t restrict their stupidity.

    Edit: shit like this needs sorting.
    alt text

  • It’s definitely hard to meme-cade buses with all the resupplies thrown on the floor for little mobility. Then again we could just try to vote-ban people who don’t pick up their useless resupplies that get us killed.

  • They’re a lot of idiots who seek to get the most ez points with arenal and resupply placements then get the entire team killed because of it

  • A round was recently ruined by a high amount of resupplies and arsenals making movement and shooting very difficult, would like to see something done about this.

  • Tempted to just double the minimum radius for resupplies to make them match the minimum distance of arsenal crates, since they’re going to be more of a problem than arsenals are. I don’t think this is a bad idea.

  • A minimum distance away from Sanity Sigils would also be useful, to lower the amount of accidental teleports.