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[ZS] Increase the amount of points given by Ghoul

  • Ghouls currently give 4 points for 175 HP, while Normal Zombies give 5 points for 225 HP. This might seem fine in theory, however, the Ghoul’s model hitboxes do not match their walking and attacking animations most of the time, not to mention they’re thinner than Normal Zombie hitboxes, which makes them incredibly hard to headshot. Many people consider them the toughest Wave 1 and 2 class for this reason. And if it wasn’t enough, they also walk slightly faster than Normal Zombies and can launch projectiles which slow, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to also consider them as the deadliest class during the first two waves.
    I suggest increasing the points given per ghoul to 5 or 6

  • They have the same hitboxes.

  • @JetBoom I question that statement, because while playing ZS it’s almost impossible to headshot ghouls consistently and it seems like the model of the ghoul is much slimmer. I’m 100% positive that the ghoul has a thinner hitbox and longer head.

    alt text

  • What mdl are those? My version uses the models/player/ types. I also think the old zs uses an override model for the ghoul.

    Either way, your complaint then is that ghouls don’t have an awkward, oversized hitbox like the zombie?

  • @JetBoom Their hitboxes doesn’t match the walking animation and attack animation most of the time, resulting in missing shots even if it looks like it registers on your end. If they are harder to hit consistently they should give more points is my argument, there is no reason to using the normal zombie, since as ghoul you can make humans waste a lot more ammo and it outpowers it in every aspect but cade breaking, in which case the skeletal walkers and bloated zombies are much more useful

  • If it looks like it registers on your end then that’s compensation not working for you, nothing to do with hitboxes. If any model has hitboxes that doesn’t match up to its model then it’s the regular zombie.

    Either way, not doing this.