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Publish 421

  • @FriskyPiranha44 said in Publish 421:


    I fail to see how overheating is practically different from reloading, and not destroying the hose-of-death identity of the gluon.

    I’d make it clunkier with dramatically increased firing delay and 1 second minimum firing time. That way you keep the fantasy of “heavy artillery, main DPS” but you retain a reason to purchase another t5: efficiency and reliability. Right now there is just no reason to buy anything but the gluon for caded DPS, so much so that people only buy boomstick and the like when they feel like taking the piss… or there are no gluon stocks.

    It serves the purpose of reducing the sustained DPS without you having to interact, if that helps me explain it better.They are only thematically similar in terms of reducing sustained DPS but the overall total damage dealt over time follows a different curve compared to a weapon that would have a conventional reloading mechanism. A standard reloader does not have any penalty for persistent use and is expected, the Gluon however, does, which it makes up for with the very high burst DPS it would still retain. I could graph this if you really don’t understand.

  • Ohhhh, I get it now! A “DPS debt” if you will. That does sound like a healthy change as it encourages stacking on the zombie team (assuming it overheats quickly and this is to push the gluon towards high alpha damage)… or, wait, isn’t burst damage what you want when they stack, so you can cooldown between waves? Hmmm, I’m still partial to my clunk. You’d imagine a super science ghost buster particle streamer would be a bit unwieldy for a mere human to use.

    • Fixed Glass Weapons not dealing extra damage.
    • Restricted sigil damage types to be melee only.
    • Fixed the electrohammer having 2 sets of view models.
    • Fixed props like doors having an off-centre rotation.
    • Fixed skill point multipliers not applying.
    • Fixed prediction errors that occur from anti bhop protection (at high ping)
    • Fixed being able to deploy more than one manhack.
    • Fixed deployables not coming with ammo if you use “Give Weapon”. You’re now forced to provide 1 ammo with these if possible.
    • Fixed being able to nail impact mines (Benjy)
    • Impact mines ignore other impact mines for detection (Benjy)
    • Dropdown text is now black on white (Benjy)
    • Rifle ammo has a new distinct model (Benjy)
    • Automatic suicide on changing classes works correctly on wave disabled maps (Benjy)
    • Fixed missing/incorrect ammo name for resupply boxes.
    • If you give deployable ammo or give ammo with 5 clips, the correct messages will appear.
    • Turrets no longer collide with players (habit of getting them stuck, objects like Zapper do not collide)
    • Added a message akin to picking up ammo to resupply crates.
    • Added the ability to change the amount of crosshair lines, and the angular offset of the crosshair if you have movement roll disabled.

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  • @Raox said in Publish 421:

    • Fixed Glass Weapons not dealing extra damage.

    Hammers break while repairing with glass weapons now, not sure if it happened before.

  • Can’t replicate it, you should also post in the issue tracker on GitHub for things like this.

    • Fixed crossbow bolts from colliding after they’ve impacted a surface
    • Fixed a bug where you would be teleported to the human spawn if you were AFK or close to a sigil.
    • Fixed a bug making you move slow if you strafed in the opposite direction your camera shoulder is on.
    • Fixed third person view snapping.
    • Fixed repair fields and zappers forcing you to phase when it wasn’t needed.
    • Fixed being unable to damage func_door_rotating with the new bullet system, using a temporary fix.
    • Fixed limited range weapons like the Gluon and Drone not showing bullets if you’re out of range.
    • Fixed forced classes and Gore Child getting spawn protection.
    • Fixed an exploit.
    • Fixed Blood Armor damage reduction applying before Hemophilia, instead of after. This fixes the bug where you would take reduced bleed damage if you had Blood Armor, as it proced based on the amount of health damage you take.
    • Fixed prop killing with physboxes not crediting kills.
    • Fixed weapons not showing real models when dropped (Like the Gluon/Spinfusor).
    • Fixed feign death not working after becoming a fresh dead and not jumping.
    • Fixed trigger_zombieclass for fresh dead using wraith/bloated zombie model.
    • Fixed being able to ignite nailed explosive barrels/props.
    • Fixed the slider text input boxes having a black font colour.
    • Fixed flinching when taking negative damage or in god mode.
    • Fixed func_physbox_multiplayer not taking damage on ZE. Should make maps like mako work correctly now.
    • Fixed turrets not having a personal scan filter. This would stop you from seeing multiple turret lasers at any one time.
    • Holdable items which initially don’t ever collide with players won’t enter ghost mode anymore.
    • Limited the size of player names for the repair field and the zapper
    • Doubled the placement radius of resupply boxes to be the same as arsenal crates
    • Gun Turrets and Blast Turrets use separate ammo types now. This fixes having potentially unusuable turret deployable weapons.
    • Dropping a deployable item by conventional means or by death will always attempt to pair it with 1 ammo. Extra ammo beyond the 1 will get dropped separately as before for now. This means that players who die with deployables with only 1 instance of them will only drop a loaded deployable weapon of that type, and no extra ammo, covering most cases of double pickups.
    • Toned down the size and opacity of the gluon effect.
    • Reverted turret collisions for now, you can collide with them once again.
    • Replaced player colour on the drone with red/blue indication if you’re in range.
    • Disabled third person in spectator mode.
    • Adjusted the starting loadouts. (Darker One)
    • Props unnailed by Barricade Expert, cannot be renailed by people without the skill for 5 seconds.
    • Increased the maximum range of zombie volunteer detection by 10 times. This should cover virtually all maps now.
    • Running out of Aegis ammo now strips your Aegis kit, acting like other deployables. This should prevent duplication of the weapon. You can still reobtain your weapon by packing aegis boards as before.
    • Added the option to enable and disable font effects. Enabled by default. Disabling font effects should increase FPS slightly.
    • Added/fixed a sound for grab failure with the drone, and changed a few sounds.
    • Added new func_arsenalzone volume entity for mappers. Allows you to buy from an arsenal while in its volume. (Darker One)
    • Added a centre notification if a player removes one of your nails.
    • Added a status indicator for Dim Vision.
    • Added a message for when you’ve been healed by another player.
    • Added an experience bar to the skill tree.
    • Added a new skill - Buyer’s Insight - Locate nearby arsenal crates behind walls.
    • Added a new Tier 2 crossbow - ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow - Forks into several smaller bolts upon hitting a target.

  • @Raox >
    Props unnailed by barricade expert, cannot be renailed by non-experts for 5 seconds

    Is this included? You’ve only mentioned the nail removal message.

  • @Box said in Publish 421:

    @Raox >
    Props unnailed by barricade expert, cannot be renailed by non-experts for 5 seconds

    Is this included? You’ve only mentioned the nail removal message.

    I thought it was already implemented, actually.

    Added this.

  • Additions

    • Added a new boss class - Red Marrow - After each bout of 200 damage, the Red Marrow will form a blood shield for 4 seconds and become immune to damage, but cannot attack during this time. It effectively acts as a damage tank or distraction zombie. (Darker One)
    • Added a new Tier 5 assault rifle for 200 points - ‘Terminus’ SCAR-L - Nothing fancy or unique, just raw fire power. (Darker One)

    Weapon Changes

    • Moved the Deagle to Tier 3. Increased the damage from 47 -> 53. There was a lack of pistols in Tier 3, and a general majority saw it as being a very powerful pistol for the tier, so much so to adjust the power level of said tier. Moving it to Tier 3 solves the problem of pistol clutter in Tier 2.
      • Adjustments like piercing bullets could be discussed for later balance.
    • Reworked the Gluon heavily.
      • alt text
      • Now uses a short and long term heat system. Short term heat decays quickly over time, but long term heat does not.
      • Reaching 100% total combined heat will force you to vent the Gluon. You can manually vent by pressing R. Venting is the only way to remove long term heat.
      • Reduced the maximum range of the Gluon by 30%. (1280 -> 896).
      • Made the Gluon use a hull size of 4. This means it can’t shoot through small gaps.
      • The damage properties of the weapon remain the same.
      • Changed the beam effect additionally, made it more responsive to time.
      • The Gluon now pulls from all your ammo sources and it doesn’t need to be “reloaded”. You should be able to give a Gluon to other players without issues.

    Other Changes

    • Changed and reworked Wide Load. Instead of completely stopping you from phasing, now limits your phasing speed to 1 for the first 6 seconds of phasing. This applies to manual phasing and phasing when going through sigils.
    • Holding a repair field or zapper deployable now allows you to resupply pulse.
    • You can’t empty the clip of items like stones, grenades and other deployable items anymore.
    • Reduced the door glow effect some more, and decreased the distance in which it starts to apply the effect.
    • Added a maximum distance of viewing nail HP.
    • Added a flash bomb kill icon/arsenal upgrade icon.
    • New zombie class/kill icons added missing icons and adjusted a few existing ones (Darker One)


    • Fixed suiciding or being killed by a non player allowing you to become a torso/legs instead.
    • Fixed a rare bug where the Inquisitor would split more than once, and refactored the projectile code in general.
    • Fixed Inquisitor crossbow bolts being destroyed when they shouldn’t be on things like props.
    • Fixed nail HP being visible through walls.
    • Fixed zombies getting 2nd wind from a non player attacker. A normal zombie could revive constantly from a source like a trigger_hurt.
    • Fixed transparency radius not culling custom weapon models/attachments.
    • Zombies can no longer use human custom weapons in ZE. (Benjy)
    • Stopped props from pushing you in ghost mode while you’re phasing.
    • Stopped being able to push zombies with Critical Knuckle while they have spawn protection.
    • Ammo pickups that require you to have a weapon that uses the ammo will take into account weapons that resupply with that ammo.
    • Map placed items like stones and grenades should now come with ammo if picked up.
    • Blast turrets don’t grant additional ammo when bought from arsenals anymore, as regular turrets no longer do this.

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