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Project Zomboid

  • Project Zomboid

    Ready to play Project Zomboid with your best buds? The game is FINALLY getting out of early access after roughly 4 years of development. 35.25b was just released and has a faction system, local VoIP, and many more features.

    How to play:

    • A. Buy Project Zomboid on Steam (do it you cheap ass) You also need to disable Steam integration before launching. Right click project zomboid in the library > properties > set launch options. Add “-nosteam” without the quotes. The version at the bottom right of the menu should read 35.25b without (Steam) or IWBUMS at the end.
      B. Torrent Project Zomboid from TPB or something You want 35b (NOT IWBUMS). Make a shortcut to ProjectZomboid64.exe and add " -nosteam" to the end of the target in the shortcut properties. Launch the game through this shortcut only. I’ve had a hard time finding a copy with the correct version so you’re on your own with this.
    • Download this mod pack: You need to extract it to %userprofile%/Zomboid/mods/ (for example, mine is C:/will/Zomboid/mods/)
    • After launching the game go to Mods at the bottom left and activate all mods except the example mod (if you have one).
    • Press JOIN on the main menu. Name is anything you want. IP is on default port. You need to put in an account username and password. Your character will be stored on it. Press SAVE when done and double click it to join. DO NOT PICK ROSEWOOD AS A SPAWN LOCATION.
    • Look up a wiki on how to play. You can view an online map here:

    Mods being used:

    • Bedford Falls (the only map we’re using)
    • ORGM (better guns)
    • Hydrocraft (shitton of crafting stuff)
    • Nocturnal Zombies (zombies much more active from 10PM to 6AM)

    Server settings:

    • 10x XP gain.
    • Sleep allowed, not required.
    • Fire enabled, no spreading.
    • PvP with safety and factions. There’s a few non-pvp zones mostly around the spawn areas.
    • Electric / water shutoff at 14/21 days.
    • Cold temperature.
    • Very rare food loot. Rare everything else.
    • Zombies respawn quick. Fast shamblers, decent AI, 3.5x population at day 2.
    • Zombie virus infection disabled.
    • 4 custom spawn regions.

  • Looking for a few people to play this with again. We’ve got 4. Game has been updated a lot, biggest change is how zombies can respawn and are smarter. We’re setting the difficulty and XP gain high and seeing how long we can go. You don’t need it on steam to play, check in mumble channel comment.

  • i threw myself off a roof

  • A way to make difficulty high is setting the rally size high, something like several hundred or more can create massive hordes. This was the edge of one. They’re simulated as a single zombie for movement.

    I think it could be personally a bit annoying if, given that the player count gets higher, sleep remains enabled and having a subset of people having a different “sleep cycle”, meaning that sleep can only progress slowly.

  • You’re right, I disabled it. I put the XP gain to 300% and made loot rarest as possible. Basically what we do is start the server, have everyone join in at the same time at the same place and see how long we can go. It starts at 25% pop and ramps to 400% over 4 game days. It’s been a lot more fun playing for these shorter sessions.

  • I really like this game except for the fact that the best strategy involves making characters with different specialties, building part of your base with them, then killing yourself to make a new one, because some things are literally impossible unless you make an insanely specific character.

    With that said, shorter sessions sound fun. Are there specific times planned for this?

  • While shorter form play sounds good it may have a few problems. Most pressingly is that zombies don’t tend to create large groups in the space of only a few days, if that is the scale of time you’re going for. In order to control the speed by which zombies are able to form large groups you’re going to want to set rally travel distance much higher. Rally group size, as Raox mentioned, is incredibly important and should be set to between 100-300 for longer form play. In the case of what you’re going for, you’re going to have to find the right balance between rally group size and rally travel distance to get the desired effect.

    To fine tune zombie population, population start and peak multipliers are very important. I had Raox look into some of the java code to confirm my suspicions on how these values interact. Zombie count is multiplied by start multiplier on the first day, so for example a zombie count of normal (1) and start multiplier of 2 would produce an actual zombie population of 2. This would progress linearly and provide a gradual increase in challenge until the peak day is reached and so to is the peak population. The peak population is multiplied by the zombie count too in the same way.

    Setting the peak population multiplier to 4 and the zombie count to 1 will not produce a challenging number of zombies even at peak day.

    A lot of the other settings are important and not entirely clear, but I’ll keep this concise. I’d like to see continued interest in zomboid.

  • The game is getting ready for release and has a lot of features and improvements that weren’t there before. One of the big ones is a faction/clan system as well as improved admin tools and server settings. Proximity VOIP is also in the game.

    I’m thinking of putting up a permanent PvPvE server on release or soon. No rules, just let the game police itself. PvP in a game where it’s so easy to die is a little daunting so it would have very fast skill gains. The world is also fuckhuge so it would be a public server. Not sure on how many players a server can support but should be good ol fun for everyone.

    server will be GOG or cracked.

  • i can see it now, all of these little friendship ghettos in nox having a giant turf war

    one team trying to break into or burn down an apartment block held by some reprobates

    gt4 and crespo barricading an entire house shut and gurgling noises coming out yikes

  • Oh hey i remember playing this years ago

  • Think I’m gonna put it on a single map and not the big default one or the fuckhuge pack that includes every map in existence. Don’t want people to run in to each other only once a month.

    In terms of mods I’m gonna put in at least hydrocraft and ORGM.

  • hurry up get it up i want to make an apartment with ppl and be chandler

  • @God-King-Takara

    why would you want to be chris-chan

  • Not gonna put it up now. I will when update 35 goes on the steam stable branch.

  • @West-Nile

    chris chan in a survival scenario

    they took julie!!

  • boredom strikes and ill be putting this up soon. probably tomorrow or the next day. not sure if saves persist past versions but whatever. pick: bedford 3 or dreadwood. lookup a map to compare. personally thinking bedford.


    you can see dreadwood and bedford falls v2 which i think is safe to assume its not to different than v3

    bedford looks good, especially if there are a lot of people.

  • Mods don’t work on v35 beta so there’d be no custom map or mods. v35 has factions and safe houses, metalworking, and a couple other things. I think we’re just gonna have to go with the stable branch for now and update when 35 comes to stable.

    Getting everything to work, mods included is absolutely retarded on a linux server so it’ll probably be up tonight along with instructions + download pack.

  • v35 has been released and I had to reset the world. Factions, VOIP, and safe houses are in. You need to get the new mod pack here:

    If you had a character and can’t connect you might have to use another account name.

  • servers were updates to 35.26 from 35.25