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Ban Appeal-Cut Clean

  • I have permanently suspended “The Dark One”, and revoked his super admin usergroup, pending his response to this abusive behavior.
    Thank you for you’re report.

  • @SnoopierTrain91:

    Basically, yes this is the only way out and the only way you play on the servers again.  I need to figure out who owns the server on Garry’s mod zombie survival servers (Noxious).  The post I posted on vote bann/ kick it’s not only the Nox supporters but there is a admins doing the same as well.  I was playing this server yesterday and the admin was “The Dark One” and he put a vote on me and others on voteban.(Don’t know the rest of the admins who did the same)…  but I was just playing the server like a ordinary person that plays the server weekly.  But “the dark one” was abusing the server as admin, puting no clip on, God mode, and redeeming others when no brains we’re eaten.  Again if this keeps up I will keep posting the abuse on banning and kicking on zombie suriveal server.  - SnoopierTrain91

    Wait so you threw a tantrum because you got votes placed against you as a joke which resulted in absolutely nothing happening? This whole shitfest has been 100% completely utterly unwarranted this entire time? Seek help.

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  • No, why the hell would I do that.  Look at the BAN list 9,000 people got banned in total in suspensions that’s crazy.  I highly bet that a good 25% were not doing anything wrong look for your self at the reasoning for each person that has been banned.  You ask me:  Is it a good reason they got banned for being a idiot at playing the game for the first time or no…?  Or just the bye in general?  (And please No Sarcastic Remarks)

  • There’s under 500 active bans for a community that’s almost 10 years old.

  • I was talking about the total # of banns and not active banns.  Theirs about 9,800 banns (at or around there)  and this community has been going for 10 years now?  Thats about ~1000 banns per year now I kind of think that’s a lot of banns.  You might not but I do think it is and if it had doubled that would be much worst if you ask me.  I’m not causing a fight just trying to prove my point about the banning appeal and the votes on banning are just getting out of hand.  All I want is to make things right for Noxious gamers, and the community.

  • Moral of this thread is: NoxiousNet has an active admin force. It is a high quality admin force. If you’re an idiot who learns this first hand, well, I guess it’s time to bend over and accept ten throbbing inches of responsibility.

    I’ve been perma’d by Jet, for shooting him as a stationary wraith when they could get bugged blood on them. I appealed that I had no modified client and he readmitted me to his private gaming community. Logically, time should be a mitigating factor for an “indefinite ban”, but that creates too much bookkeeping work for the admins and exposes them to accusations of favoritism, so good luck in The Draconian Court. Heil NoxiousNet 卐卐卐

  • Nah the list has been cleared many times. So the list for 10 years would be much better. When you’re saying total bans, your number is the sum of:

    | Type | Number Active    | Number Expired    | Polish |
    | Bans | 488 | 243 |
    | Mutes    | 44    | 582    |
    | Rubber Hammer    | 32    | 519    |
    | Award Ban    | 1    | 5    |
    | CSC Ban    | 0    | 1    |
    | Event Ban    | 0    | 1    |
    | Democracy Ban    | 11    | 53    |
    | Emote Bans    | 0    | 10    |
    | Double Damage    | 1    | 12    |
    | Instant Death    | 12    | 24    |
    | Snail    | 27    | 71    |
    | Deaf    | 5    | 5    | 2 |
    | Voice Mute    | 48    | 1115    |
    | Skates    | 26    | 38    |
    | So high right now    | 18    | 47    |
    | No Spray    | 39    | 17    |
    | -    | -    | -  |
    | Total    | 752    | 2743    |

    And the rest are ball pits, which isn’t exactly a punishment, more a voice channel to go to meet people your own age. All of this doesn’t include repeat offences of the same type and punishments removed (of which there are very many of them). Considering the numbers of unique visitors we get each month these aren’t bad figures, an expired punishment could have been something that was 1 minute long, just to warn off someone.

  • O okay that’s puts things in different perspectives then, but still I don’t think it’s funny to get banned from the server like others do, there just complete idiots… if you know what I mean?.

  • If you had any sense of empathy you’d figure out that people use voteban and votekick as some sort of metaphor for “get bent” with absolutely zero expectation of the vote succeeding.