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Publish 420 - return of NoX RP

  • Can you make it so the boss zombie player can toggle the use of the “RELOAD to spawn far away”, prior to actually spawning?

  • Boomstick reload speed is slower after the shotgun fix (only the boomstick, not any other shotgun), is this intended?
    The slug rifle does not actually deal extra headshot damage, it just seems to set the HP of the zombie, so if you headshot a poison zombie at full HP you will only get the points for 270 damage (4 points) assuming there’s 0% resistance.

  • Giga Gore Child appears to always be in T-Pose

    • Manhacks now avoid the ground even if the user tries to hug it.
      If a playerclip is above and a manhack passes it, then there’s no way to retrieve them because they remain stuck at the ceiling, on zs_cityholdout

  • On the death gas sequence, a lot of the players crashed (CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range) (65535), it seems to occur often on this map, zs_the_house_of_doom.

    06/28/16 20:37:08 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:54241130 Mcfatsofatty | IPUID: 2960196458
    06/28/16 20:37:09 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:11081971 qwert | IPUID: 846718290
    06/28/16 20:37:09 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:118141864 Certified Carry Of Zombie Team | IPUID: 162062034
    06/28/16 20:37:10 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:95339557 Lego0302 | IPUID: 3778235815
    06/28/16 20:37:11 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:13131299 dude | IPUID: 2047941138
    06/28/16 20:37:12 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:58110292 Neighbor | IPUID: 1110747695
    06/28/16 20:37:13 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:41159958 Desync | IPUID: 2844918580
    06/28/16 20:37:13 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:30762685 El Cookie, The Cookie Lord | IPUID: 3179716497
    06/28/16 20:37:16 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:28757539 green_cube | IPUID: 1235592947
    06/28/16 20:37:16 <STEAM_0:0:8654310> ChaosFury: lawlz
    06/28/16 20:37:19 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:42965883 Desirus1 | IPUID: 4003410541
    06/28/16 20:37:22 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:73623327 Aslan*Atakan1 | IPUID: 2019454211
    06/28/16 20:37:23 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:51302641 Mulan | IPUID: 1728582436
    06/28/16 20:37:23 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:51061573 Avacyn | IPUID: 1717370875
    06/28/16 20:37:24 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:113201399 The Booty Warrior | IPUID: 594350693
    06/28/16 20:37:24 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:78204698 voxtechi999 | IPUID: 3648189809
    06/28/16 20:37:24 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:40818147 mariel123 | IPUID: 368714516
    06/28/16 20:37:26 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:16366084 Lu | IPUID: 655675921
    06/28/16 20:37:26 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:12882794 never | IPUID: 66532634
    06/28/16 20:37:27 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:119222645 Thebluehaloguy | | IPUID: 1824259357
    06/28/16 20:37:27 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:147317018 sʜᴀɴᴀɴɪᴄᴏʟᴇ♍ | IPUID: 2719635892
    06/28/16 20:37:27 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:21544322 Dylan | IPUID: 224273291
    06/28/16 20:37:28 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:52170473 Mega | IPUID: 2076565355
    06/28/16 20:37:28 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:1:53459741 d0ss4r | IPUID: 607293753
    06/28/16 20:37:29 <Player Connected> Desync | STEAM_0:0:41159958 | IPUID: 2844918580
    06/28/16 20:37:30 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:72489373 Gemmine | IPUID: 4051729656
    06/28/16 20:37:34 <Player Connected> Desirus1 | STEAM_0:1:42965883 | IPUID: 4003410541
    06/28/16 20:37:39 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:71367173 Xyrenith | IPUID: 2878604213
    06/28/16 20:37:41 <Player Disconnected> - STEAM_0:0:41300143 Jump | IPUID: 359434286

  • On several maps there have been glitches with the ladders where they suddenly have a sort of “push box” around them that makes it so no one can get onto them from either the top or bottom. No idea what causes it, it seems to happen at random and sometimes not at all.
    Issues with switching to third person causing snapping to random angles.

  • Just a small change, but the forums promotion (30 posts on an active account = 30,000 Silver) is going to be cut out in preparation for a much bigger change.

    SMF is a pure nightmare to customize or update and I think it has outworn it’s stay. I’m planning to migrate the posts/threads and move to NodeBB, a more modern forum that runs on nodejs/mongodb. I’ll also be able to cut the forums from the game server box. What that means for you is you’ll need to reset your password when the migration happens since it cannot transfer passwords. Make sure you can access whatever your current e-mail is! It also means you’ll be able to use Steam (and many other things like google, twitter, etc.) as your forum account sign-in.

  • Will I be able to change my profile name? Just want the 15yro zsn bullshittin dropped.

  • @CMasta:

    Will I be able to change my profile name?

    You could’ve pm’d JetBoom or one of the forum administrators to change your name at any time.

  • Is it intentional that Blood Armor takes additional poison damage under the effect of Ghoul Touch while health doesn’t? It ticks at 5 poison damage on Blood Armor but only 3 on health. I would assume Ghoul Touch is mainly for on hit damage rather than DOT. Doesn’t seem right to me, since by extension it should affect the poison damage taken on health, but it doesn’t. It’s only really noticeable if you have Glutton.


    Commit 092e5e7f71f7a91949c21785784f72dbda766448 in JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet by JetBoom

    Fixed drone camera being inside of it.

    Fixed drone unable to shoot nests (again).


    • gamemodes/zombiesurvival/entities/entities/prop_drone/shared.lua
      • gamemodes/zombiesurvival/entities/entities/prop_manhack/cl_init.lua
        I unlocked the drone recently only to realise it’s still a useless piece of shit, the drone bullets still avoids the nest, the fix didn’t work.

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