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Lambdacore and Enervation Problems List

  • Can someone list for me the problems that Lambdacore and Enervation have at the moment? Exploits, bugs, gameplay problems etc? In other news I’m 40% done with another objective map, which is already vastly superior to my others. It takes place in the Citadel.

  • Can someone list for me the problems that Lambdacore and Enervation have at the moment? Exploits, bugs, gameplay problems etc? In other news I’m 40% done with another objective map, which is already vastly superior to my others. It takes place in the Citadel.

  • [header]Lambdacore[/header]
    A player could grief by trapping the valve in between the pipes as they leave the under passage. You can still retrieve the valve but it’s quite awkward to rotate it out of it’s entrapment.

    Players can go around the player clip and walk above the tram line.

    Feign zombie can break the tram’s collision.

    The tram section really starves the player of their needed ammo.

    Use of trigger class brush to force fast zombie would be great.

    As the tram moves the fasties need their spawn moved.

    Unlock more classes.

    It’d be great if the map would not just use 1 location as preferred for barricading after exiting tram.

    Mistake in zsmessage: The Zombies are comming !

    zsmessages that trigger even after their purpose expired:
    This looks like a great place to barricade.
    Find the keycards…

    Players seem to forget the red key card most of the time.

    Keycards can be easily griefed, with a player just hiding them, could a worldhint be parented to them?

    The last zombie spawn has no zombiegas, so usually this place is caded.

    Main thing I’d like is for you to make this map harder.

    Will add more if I get to it.

    A player can cause others to die in the underwater drain by placing down a deployable or carry a prop through players giving them prediction errors.

    Map progression can be halted if a(n afk) player remains at spawn and humans are supposed to go though the sewers to the 2nd location.

    Explosive barrel at the cade never goes well at the 2nd cade location.

    The walkway section of the map is the main cause of losing.

    Headcrabs are not prevented from triggering objectives after walkway section.

    Headcrabs can jump over a fence to bypass the blocked van and trigger objectives ahead.

    Zombies have no zombie gas protection at the mining section.

    Really low fps in general at the mining section, I blame those lights with dynamic appearance.

    The plug can be broken after it is rejected the 1st time, thereby halting progress.

    Players don’t really feel threatened by the electric water, mainly because the damage is low.

    The keycard can be griefed, you only need one player up to mischief.

    The damage filter for the loot door doesn’t work so we can melee it.

    The last Zombie spawn needs zombie gas protection.

    I’ll think of more

  • people get crushed in the final elevator section, put a trigger_push on the elevator door right before it goes up to push people back

  • v15 for Enervation is pending upload to the server

    Here are the issues or changes addressed in v15:

    Humans were able to break the weapons cache door that can normally only be opened with three babys
    Humans were camping and barricading the zombie spawn at the end sequence (you can place props on the zombie spawn point)
    Humans were able to nail props to the wall on the sewer walkway, bypassing brush clips added in v9 to prevent nailing
    Humans were able to barricade the spawn and stay behind for a while
    Humans were able to prevent zombies from advancing by staying behind at the sewer section
    Humans died too easily at the sewer walkways so the walkway support strength was increased
    Redeemers were able to spawn in sections zombies could no longer spawn in, fixed by adding updated redeem locations
    Zombies were able to trigger some sections earlier than usual due to some triggers having a filter_human name instead of filter_humans
    Due to changes in fall damage thresholds, humans no longer took damage when climbing down the mineshaft after the main street barricade part

    (re-added gas cans)
    v9 had issues with the filling up the gas cans in because players could throw gas cans over the fence or over the truck and could not reach them, according to mapstats v10 was never added to the server and v10’s gas cans didn’t work (truck never starts). I added a vphysics clip and fixed the gas cans by making it similar to how the baby trigger works.

    A few of the non-HL2 themed excess weapon spawns were removed.
    Zombie transformers and class unlocks were added or fixed, with ghoul and bloated zombie unlocking at the sewer walkways.

    The only issue left in v15 that was difficult to address was low fps in the large mine area with the generator which has many displacements.

    2/4/2016: v16 pending upload

  • Woops you posted while i was editing.
    More detailed post ty

  • So ritzbitz, do you have Enervation under control? I forgot how I would have to pack data with the map, and I don’t remember how.

  • E

    The best resource to pack custom materials/sound or data with is VIDE. It’ll scan your game folder and automatically generate a list of custom items to be added, and add all of them to the bsp.

  • vide adds garbage to the folder structure for me.

  • VIDE has a lot of flaws, it’s replacement to entspy doesn’t have an option of maintaining checksum, and it’s pak editor has trouble with a few formats.

  • I was thinking of removing the extra dependencies since it adds work for me, and using vide will add work for you, and isn’t exactly pivotal for the game.