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Publish 419

  • Banned

    I like the idea to see music tracks and select which ones can be not played at all.

  • Pedobear Escape 2:

    • Shrunk collision bounds on enemies. They were using abnormally large bounds so they were getting stuck in doorways.

    Zombie Survival

    • Added ‘Splinter’ Sawed-off Shotgun to tier 2.
    • Fixed noclipping not marking your sigil placing as invalid. So if an admin noclipped in to a room somewhere outside the map the profiler might have put a node there before.


    • Nailed props that become physical due to losing all nails will make all deployables in their bounding sphere temporarily nocollide. Additionally, it also sets the unnailer as the physics attacker if they were using a hammer. Stops team killing exploit.
    • You can now initiate barricade phasing via undo/zoom key if you’re stuck in an object.
    • Added padding to the bounding sphere size of deployed objects so players don’t get stuck in them if they clip the edge in just the right spot.

  • Splinter does not have a firing noise if fired too quickly, guessing it’s a ping issue.

  • Also if you are not aware, the splinter needs some damage tweeks.

  • In which direction?

  • Reduction, its right click is one hitting all but poison and boss zombies.

    edit: Also fasties if im not mistaken, since you cannot head shot them

    • Splinter damage reduced 19 x 7 -> 14 x 7
    • Tosser accuracy reduced to be slightly more accurate than other SMGs rather than as accurate as a pistol.
    • Hurricane ramp up gimmick removed.
    • Hurricane damage increased 12 -> 14.5 which makes it 0.5 more damage than the Z9000
    • Silencer damage reduced 22 -> 20.75
    • Silencer base reload speed reduced from 1.0 to 0.6. Was extremely fast.
    • Akbar magazine size increased 25 -> 30
    • Akbar damage increased 20 -> 21.5
    • Shredder damage increased 18 -> 21
    • UZI accuracy is now increased to be identical to Shredder

  • [ERROR] gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/cl_postprocess.lua:235: Tried to use a NULL entity!
      1\. Team - [C]:-1
       2\. unknown - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/cl_postprocess.lua:235
    [ERROR] gamemodes/zombiesurvival/entities/entities/point_worldhint/cl_init.lua:14: Tried to use a NULL entity!
      1\. Team - [C]:-1
       2\. DrawHint - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/entities/entities/point_worldhint/cl_init.lua:14
        3\. DrawPointWorldHints - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/cl_hint.lua:4
         4\. unknown - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/cl_init.lua:1017

    Had to rejoin to fix this, game became unplayable. Happened to a bunch of other people.

    Splinter is also still kinda powerful, it has really high alpha damage.

  • When someone redeems off of last human, it triggers the round end, also i think the redeemed human get a win(?).

    refer to the picture.

  • Banned

    Zombie who redeem off of last human bug still lose because the game thinks everyone is dead. The scoreboard still shows the YOU HAVE LOST

  • Zombie Survival

    • Crouch jump extra damage removed and changed to automatic leg damage (which prevents jumping anyway). However, hitting the legs will do 1x damage instead of 0.25x damage if crouch jumping. It is also disabled if the zombie is facing a wall (so they can jump on top of things).
    • Spinter damage reduced 14x7 -> 13x7
    • Added flinch animations. Hitting a certain area will play different flinch gestures.
    • Fixed being able to lose if last human redeems.
    • Fixed the engine applying knockback force from getting hit by a zombie. I applied my own so it was compounding and made humans get knocked back way more than they should have.
    • Fixed Fast Zombie attack animations.

    Extreme Football Throwdown

    • Added ability for lag compensation on states / weapons.
    • Added lag compensation to charging, punching, beating stick, big pole, and trash bin. This may be tweaked or disabled if it’s too much since laggy players could be annoying to low ping players. It is disabled if the attacker’s ping is 150 or more.

  • Power Struggles appear to be broken since the update. It’s not triggering them.

    Tackling appears to be off as well, momentum is constantly stopping when hitting another player. And when you do hit them (2 times in a row) it sends them flying ridiculously high into the air.

    Punching animation is messed up too.

    Also, could overtime be added when you get a chance?

  • The beans don’t need more compensation, their compensation is already implemented with their own lag: being completely unpredictable due to random teleportation :wacko:

  • Would be nice to have a reliable way to cancel a sigil teleport. It’s kind of easy in a cramped space when activating a poorly placed resupply/arsenal to also activate the sigil. Lot of deaths have arisen from this.

  • Could the EFT updates (and the Minimap FPS fix) be uploaded to GitHub?

  • Extreme Football Throwdown

    • Removed compensation from charging since it was too wonky. A new system will be added soon that disables collisions for a player running at charge speed.
    • Fixed some animation problems.
    • If the ball has been thrown then the match will not end for at least the next 5 seconds, even if the timer runs out. Picking it up or resetting cancels these 5 seconds. So just like basketball.
    • Added a 60 second warmup phase (cvar: eft_warmuplength). Everyone can run around and fight each other but no goals can be scored and the ball can’t be picked up. After the phase every one will be respawned, have their frags and deaths set to 0, and frozen for the typical pre-round phase.
    • Added over time. If the game is a tie when the counter reaches 0 then over time will start. This lasts 4 minutes and both teams have rage activated. Only big poles and beating sticks will spawn. During the last 30 seconds the ball will be forced to a score ball powerup and whoever is carrying it at the end of OT wins. eft_overtime and eft_overtime_scoreball control these.

  • Excellent update, as dissident said, the punching animation is still off. You can also continue playing after someone scores in OT, not sure if thats intended or not.


    • If the ball has been thrown then the match will not end for at least the next 5 seconds, even if the timer runs out. Picking it up or resetting cancels these 5 seconds. So just like basketball.

    It would be nice if this could be changed so that the game continues if someone is carrying the ball too. The current version only works on throw in goal maps and most maps have run in goals.

    Scoreboard made wider.
    Fix missing supporter icon.
    Updated help information for F1 menu.
    Added AutoSelect team button to F2 menu.
    Auto-Join selects the team that are currently losing.

    These above also seem to be missing on the main and private server. (Publish 417)

  • A useful update for EFT? Thought I’d never see the day.

  • I’m open to updates made by other people, you guys play it much more than I do. That includes balancing changes. I’ll do the usual code demangling before it gets added.

  • can you add something that will show who exactly owns or has a deployed arsenal crate, there is always that occasional griefer who buy ones and doesn’t deploy it at all, or newer person who doesn’t know they have it.

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