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Best and Worst Spells and Abilities in RTP

  • rip

  • Banned

    -air hike

    -energy bolt
    -invisibility (because it’s broken with hats)

  • -Leap

    -Force of Nature
    -Fiery Talon

  • For Wizard
    -Teleport to target
    -Slow (Might need some rework if that’s what you’re intending)
    -Missiles of Magic (I know)
    -Force field

    -Haste (Not useless at all, just something that could be reworked into something else)
    -Protect from elements (Should a class so strong on offense have so many defense abilities?)
    -Flare (Give it to another class, it’s Fireball with Missiles Of Magic)
    -Tag (Just makes a meme sound)

    -Assassin Invisibility
    -Venom Blade
    -Void walk

    -Nether bomb (is pretty useless on top of being complicated)
    -Gimp his speed when getting the flag

    -The thing that creates a water jet

    -Aegis (Needs to be reworked, almost useless now)
    -Everything else

    -Pointless class overall

    -Invulnerability (Might be too much)

    -Tether (Takes too long to tether and the ally needs to stand still, Make it work like TF2 medic gun perhaps?)

    -Berserk Charge (Although it lost some of it’s feedback of strength over time)
    -War cry

    -Eye of the wolf (Invisibility has become nerfed)
    -Leap (99% of the time it’s only used to temporarily avoid enemy damage, you can hardly land properly over someone, prediction is pretty broken with it, would be cool if horizontal speed was doubled while leaping to reach some obstacles)

    -Fire blast
    -Dragoon run(?)
    -Salamander skin ( Too powerful even maybe )
    -Fire Breath

    -Dragoon Flight (Nearly useless after it was reworked)

    If you plan to rework Invisibility based on feedback use the Spy invisibility shader parameter on VertexLitGeneric, I can help you with that

  • Too many abilities per class, should be more or completely cooldown based, too much instagib or cheapness.

    Just let it die.

  • Best Spells/Abilities:

    • Firebolt
    • Teleport to Target
    • Force Field
    • Sparkler
    • Counterspell
    • Inversion

    Worst Spells/Abilities:

    • Air Hike
    • Divine Bolt
    • Sun Beam
    • Venom Blade
    • Force of Nature
    • Tag

  • Best:
    Death Beam
    Death Beam
    Forces of Nature

    Death Beam
    Death Beam

  • Banned


    Worst Spells/Abilities:

    • Air Hike

    How dare you?

  • only good skill is volcanic blast.

    bring back dreadnaut

  • @Thor:

    only good skill is volcanic blast.

    bring back dreadnaut

    He’s the Tank now

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