Spectate mode support!

  • Support please!

  • Support please!

  • How else would I observe the construction of Trump’s wall?

  • He already said he’s adding it.


    Basically as it sounds. You can spectate a round without joining. If you already join you can’t reconnect to spectate. Joining late has the same rules as connecting late in terms of what team you get put on. Spectator slots will be unlimited but it’ll start kicking spectators if the server is full.

  • Back when afk kick was broken for a long while, afk players would usually come back, and end up playing some more.
    Most commonly happened when a human dies middle of a round, they rage alt tab or walk away and forget. Very often they came back and stayed longer.
    This really helped the server stay populated, and encouraged more players to join.
    Push afks into spectator team, and I think it will have a similar benefit.

    This might cause a situation where a player joins thinking the server has people, only to see 15 spectators and a human.
    However, I’ve never seen that happen during the time afk kick was broken.

    Put idle players into spectator after whatever current afk kick timer is. Kick spectators when the server reaches certain player thresholds or after they’ve been idle for a long time.

    Maintaining population is much easier because most people are eager to join the server when it has 20+ players, but getting to that point from a low population takes forever. This could reduce that time quite a bit.

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