Windows 10

  • Yes and no doubt people are going to stay with muh windows 7 start menu because change is bad and I’d rather have an archaic, clunky UI feature instead of superior performance and support. I thought XP users were bad enough.

  • I’m tired of windows 7. Give me Win10 please.

  • The only good “feature” of windows 7 that I miss is the ability to use the classic W98 theme and disable Windows Desktop Manager. You have to play in full screen or have vsync forced on (no amount of GPU parlor tricks can disable it) if you’re on Windows 8 or above.

  • I currently use 8.1. Have no problems with it other than the easily avoided metro ui, I’ll upgrade a couple of days after release of 10.

  • Currently using 10 because I got a new computer and could get a licensed 10 for free. UI is better, the new web browser would be better but right now it has crashing issues.

  • 10 looks decent. I wonder what kind of performance is to be seen since 8.1 seems to be pretty snappy as it is.

  • im still using windows 9

  • @JetBoom:

    I thought XP users were bad enough.

    But I like how all my programs decide to stop responding for no reason. Gives them a life of their own.

  • I’m still feeling the backlash from all of my company’s end users for migrating to a Windows 7/8, Server 2008/12 environment…


  • Any performance issues I had in video games were as simple as installing 8.1 drivers since I went into the Insider Program from Windows 7.

  • I still using Win7 FTW.

    About: Steam Hardware & Software Survey: November 2015
    OS Version:
    Windows 7 64 bit 35.63% (change -1%)
    Windows 10 64 bit 28.81% (change +2.39%)
    Windows 8.1 64 bit 16.50% (change -0.94%


  • You know that means you’re part of a minority using windows 7 still, right?

  • I’ve had to help out two friends now after they’ve accepted the Win 10 update on their laptops and then they get stuck on black screens and never properly boot again

  • Built a desktop with a fresh install of Windows 10, and upgraded three laptops (1, 3 and 7 years old). I’ve had no major issues with any of them and performance in the laptops have improved dramatically. The 7 year old laptop hangs for about 4-5 seconds when switching to a full screen application but other than that no grievances.

    If you’re still on Windows 7 and consider yourself “techy”, you’re probably not.

  • I installed windows 10 around the time it became available, though honestly I note no difference in my computers performance. Shortly afterwards my taskbar broke and my computer would refuse to update, nothing a factory reset couldn’t fix.

  • Windows 10 with Classic Shell does everything 7 does but faster. Dumb not to be on it.

  • Banned

    Enjoy your windows botnet lmaoo

  • @CMasta:

    Windows 10 with Classic Shell does everything 7 does but faster. Dumb not to be on it.

    I used it until I realized it got rid of the awesome options you get from right clicking the start menu. If you’ve got windows 8/8.1/10, right click the start menu. It has almost everything you’ll use 90% of the time.

  • I use the run command for everything so to each your own.

  • So, building another computer, anyone got any good tips on how to make a clean Win 10 install and get it activated? Is KMSpico the best option?

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