Unofficial Hacking Megathread

  • As most of you know, NoXiousNet is one of the most prominent nexus of hackers on the Internet. Please use this thread to ask hacking related questions, post hacking-related news and to hide from the government (the thread is encrypted with rsa 2048 so just leave it open in your web browser when hacking).

    Our resident Master Hackers might answer your inquiries OR hack you.


  • As most of you know, NoXiousNet is one of the most prominent nexus of hackers on the Internet. Please use this thread to ask hacking related questions, post hacking-related news and to hide from the government (the thread is encrypted with rsa 2048 so just leave it open in your web browser when hacking).

    Our resident Master Hackers might answer your inquiries OR hack you.


  • What the fuck is this shit? I played Uplink. None of this stuff is like Uplink. This isn’t hacking.

  • Please be careful. Your child could be a computer hacker.

  • This isn’t news but you might enjoy a trip down memory lane.

    How to hack ZS:

    Ywa Icon :  	 (Today, 08:12)  Titty fucking
    Clavus Icon : 	(Today, 08:03) fucking hell 
    Silver Dot Icon :  	 (Today, 08:53)  HACKERS
    Silver Dot Icon : 	(Today, 08:53) jesus christ 
    [09:41] <CarPileUp> hi 
    [09:41] <CarPileUp> wtf D: 
    [09:43] <CarPileUp> sourcebans got hacked? 
    [09:47] <ERROR> Oh christ. 
    [09:47] <CarPileUp> :v 
    [09:49] <ERROR> Well, at least those bans for ywa & Clavus wont work anyway, since theres apparently no servers. 
    [09:49] <CarPileUp> mkay 
    [09:50] <Clavus> 
    [09:50] <Clavus> think of the trolls! 
    [09:51] <ERROR> Clavus, how pissed off is Ywa right now? :p 
    [09:51] <Clavus> is he awake then? 
    [09:51] <ERROR> I have no idea. 
    [09:51] <ERROR> !status Ywa 
    [09:51] <MrGreen> Ywa is currently away: Sleep (8 hrs, 55 mins, 18 secs) 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Still asleep. 
    [09:52] <Clavus> every time I try to get some sleep some machine starts making noise at 9 AM 
    [09:52] <CarPileUp> be ready for the ultimate rage when he gets up 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Oh he's going to get a nice surprise when he wakes up. 
    [09:52] <ERROR> The hackers are american. 
    [09:52] <Clavus> what is the problem 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Since they have no idea about countries. 
    [09:53] <Clavus> oh yeah we kinda knew that 
    [09:53] <Clavus> but what's the rage? 
    [09:53] <ERROR> 
    [09:54] <Clavus> fucking goddamnit 
    [09:54] <Clavus> FUXCK 
    [09:54] <CarPileUp> how the fuck could that happen 
    [09:55] <ERROR> !away dog 
    [09:55] <MrGreen> ERROR returned from: sleep (after: 9 hrs, 10 mins, 58 secs) 
    [09:55] <MrGreen> ERROR is now away: dog 
    [09:56] <Clavus> fucking hell 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I hate this shit 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I hate those guys 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I'm flying over there and punching them in the face 
    [09:56] <Clavus> texted Ywa 
    [09:57] <Clavus> stopped IW 
    [09:57] <Clavus> they were executing commands on it, AGAIN 
    [09:57] <ERROR> :/ 
    [09:57] <CarPileUp> fat bastards 
    [09:58] <CarPileUp> :< 
    [10:00] *** FadeNoir has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:00] *** MrWhoopee sets mode +v on FadeNoir 
    [10:01] <Ywa> !back 
    [10:01] <MrGreen> Ywa returned from: Sleep (after: 9 hrs, 4 mins, 31 secs) 
    [10:01] <FadeNoir> !status FadeNoir 
    [10:01] <MrGreen> fadenoir is currently away: doing something super awesome so i can return later from something really awesome and be cool when i type !back (175 hrs, 18 mins, 41 secs) 
    [10:01] <FadeNoir> \o 
    [10:03] <Ywa> GOD 
    [10:04] <FadeNoir> yes? 
    [10:04] <CarPileUp> oh no D: 
    [10:07] *** NECROSSIN has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:07] <NECROSSIN> !back 
    [10:07] <MrGreen> NECROSSIN returned from: Outside (after: 1 hrs, 22 mins, 54 secs) 
    [10:07] <NECROSSIN> lol'd at the ban page 
    [10:08] <NECROSSIN> shit happens 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> aaah 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> green coins page doesnt work 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> we are doomed 
    [10:24] *** SkyNet{HuN} has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:26] <Boter> 
    [10:26] <Boter> :( 
    [10:27] <Boter> Dr who fans: 
    [10:27] <Boter> 
    [10:27] <ERROR> Clavus posted that forst. 
    [10:27] <ERROR> first* 
    [10:27] <Boter> i know 
    [10:28] <Clavus> ugh 
    [10:28] <ERROR> mmmmmm Amy. 
    [10:28] <NECROSSIN> soo? 
    [10:28] <Clavus> thanks for notifying NECROSSIN 
    [10:28] <Clavus> I changed the password 
    [10:28] <Clavus> since the bastards managed to read the databases.cfg in sourcemod 
    [10:28] <Clavus> which contained the sourcebans pass 
    [10:29] <NECROSSIN> :o 
    [10:29] <ERROR> D: 
    [10:29] <Clavus> but also the GC pass 
    [10:29] <Clavus> they didn't seem to have messed with that db though... 
    [10:31] <Clavus> Green-Coins page is fixed 
    [10:31] <CarPileUp> i see.. 
    [10:32] *** NECROSSIN has quit (Ping timeout) 
    [10:32] <Boter> man mr-green sure is popular with the hackers 
    [10:32] *** NECROSSIN has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:32] <NECROSSIN> damn 
    [10:32] <CarPileUp> yeah 
    [10:32] <Boter> baha 
    [10:33] <Boter> clever page now 
    [10:33] <Boter> l4g bans 
    [10:33] <ERROR> Its because we're all so damn awesome. and haters gonna hate 
    [10:33] <Boter> what 
    [10:33] <Boter> but who would do this 
    [10:33] <Boter> it doesnt make any sense 
    [10:33] <ERROR> American faggets. 
    [10:33] <ERROR> I blame nox. 
    [10:33] <Boter> banned people want to get unbanned? 
    [10:33] <Boter> man your servers are the most popular then 
    [10:33] <Boter> its a compliment 
    [10:33] <Boter> and nox 
    [10:33] <Boter> why always nox 
    [10:33] <Boter> you need to file a report on them 
    [10:33] <Boter> bitches 
    [10:34] <Boter> *childish bitcher 
    [10:34] <Clavus> it's not like JetBoom said 'go fuck them up' 
    [10:34] <Boter> you dont have proof that he didnt do it 
    [10:34] <Clavus> it's always just a few guys being idiots 
    [10:34] <Boter> and being bored cus the best servers are offline 
    [10:34] <Clavus> if an entire community decides to fuck you up, you have more shit on your hands 
    [10:35] <Boter> and this isn't sue-able? 
    [10:35] <Boter> i mean 
    [10:35] <Boter> srsly... 
    [10:35] <Boter> you could find the cure to cancer 
    [10:35] <Boter> !rtd 
    [10:35] <Boter> :( 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Nox is causing this 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Or atleast 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Their players 
    [10:35] <Boter> members of nox 
    [10:35] <NECROSSIN> 
    [10:35] <NECROSSIN> haters everywhere! 
    [10:35] <Boter> Nox Clan must die 
    [10:35] <CarPileUp> ^ 
    [10:35] <Ywa> its not a clan 
    [10:35] <Ywa> derp 
    [10:36] <CarPileUp> community 
    [10:36] <Boter> i will kill them with a condom, butterknife, and a teacup 
    [10:36] <Boter> they are american players right? 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> *sadface* 
    [10:37] <Boter> its such a hot day today 
    [10:37] <Ywa> lol 
    [10:37] <Boter> !weather 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Boter, use !weather <city> 
    [10:37] <FadeNoir> !weather enschede 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> this happens when i was trying to open my green coins page :o 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for Enschede, Overijssel: 25C (77F) - Humidity: 41% - Wind: S at 7 mph 
    [10:37] <ERROR> !weather yo19 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for York, Yorkshire: 15C (59F) - Humidity: 88% - Wind: SW at 5 mph 
    [10:37] <Boter> !weather maastricht 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for Maastricht railway station, Limburg: 27C (81F) - Humidity: 42% - Wind: S at 12 mph 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> You're in maasticht? 
    [10:38] <ERROR> So humid D; 
    [10:38] <Boter> and its still morning :( 
    [10:38] <Boter> no not really 
    [10:38] <Boter> i live in a town closeby 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Friend works in maastricht 
    [10:38] <Ywa> Guys 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> !weather hoesbach 
    [10:38] <MrGreen> Weather for Hosbach, Bavaria: 27C (81F) - Humidity: 51% - Wind: E at 5 mph 
    [10:38] <Boter> i do study in maastricht 
    [10:38] <Boter> but not live there 
    [10:38] <Ywa> Imma get my diploma/certificate today :> 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> Ywa? 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Ah 
    [10:38] <ERROR> :o 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> oh nice 
    [10:38] <Boter> epic 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Ywa: wich one 
    [10:39] <Ywa> HAVO 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> oh i thought some 
    [10:39] <Boter> im going to TNT post 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> IT certificate 
    [10:39] <Ywa> naw 
    [10:39] <Boter> sons of bitches didnt answer my phone calls for 2 days 
    [10:39] <Boter> now im going to kick their asses 
    [10:39] <Ywa> Lol 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> hehe 
    [10:39] <Boter> brb 
    [10:39] <Ywa> good luck 
    [10:55] <deathbycrowbar> well shit 
    [10:55] <deathbycrowbar> looks like this Zetanor guy has screwed things up quite alot 
    [10:56] <ERROR>;u=186 
    [10:57] <Damien56> a nox admin :S 
    [10:57] <Damien56> ridiculous 
    [10:57] <deathbycrowbar> oh seriously 
    [10:58] <deathbycrowbar> why do those guys hate us so much 
    [10:58] <Damien56> because zs is better than nox zs 
    [10:58] <Damien56> and they know it 
    [10:59] <ERROR> yep :p 
    [10:59] <Damien56> plus they are arrogant 
    [10:59] <Damien56> this is their way to get more people 
    [11:00] <ERROR> It's their way to make themselves feel slightly better than us. But deep down, they all know JetBoom is a fag. 
    [11:00] <Damien56> we cant do anything back, because we would be equally arrogant if we did 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Wow 
    [11:03] <Nobana> So 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Ywa 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Servers work but only bans are fucked up? 
    [11:04] <deathbycrowbar> I'd stay clear of the servers atm Nobana 
    [11:04] <deathbycrowbar> they might get infected or something 
    [11:04] <Nobana> K 
    [11:05] <deathbycrowbar> also lol @ Redgord 
    [11:07] <Ywa> 
    [11:07] <Ywa> :) 
    [11:07] <CarPileUp> was clear 
    [11:08] <ERROR> :D 
    [11:08] <CarPileUp> that is was a fagget from nox 
    [11:08] <Ywa> backup from last monday 
    [11:08] <CarPileUp> nice :D 
    [11:08] <deathbycrowbar> nice work Ywa :D 
    [11:08] <ERROR> So its lost 4 days of bans 
    [11:08] <deathbycrowbar> Not many banned in last 4 days 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> apart from the hacker and some annoying kid I banned for a couple of hours 
    [11:09] <Ywa> yeh 
    [11:09] <Nobana> Who is Zetazor anyway? 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> Admin on Noxious Net 
    [11:09] <ERROR> Nox admin 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> ninjad 
    [11:09] <ERROR> So's. We need Lobe to kick some DDoS butt on them. 
    [11:10] <deathbycrowbar> xD 
    [11:10] <Ywa> He lost his botnet 
    [11:10] <deathbycrowbar> bah 
    [11:10] <ERROR> :< 
    [11:10] <Nobana> Fuck. 
    [11:11] <Nobana> We need to attack them IRL. 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> Ok guys 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> im gonna ban Zentanor 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> reason? 
    [11:11] <Nobana> I call baseball bat! 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> got his ID 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> wait CPU 
    [11:11] <Nobana> He doesnt play DoDS? 
    [11:11] <Nobana> Or does he 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> Let TC do it 
    [11:11] *** MaycoMobile has joined #mrgreen 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> he only hacked the banlist because he got banned 
    [11:12] <MaycoMobile> What'd I miss 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Oh 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Ban list works? 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> yeh 
    [11:12] <Nobana> I see 
    [11:12] <Nobana> So everything fine now? 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Basically? 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> well 
    [11:12] <Ywa> You missed everything Mayco 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> sort of 
    [11:12] <MaycoMobile> Nooo 
    [11:13] <CarPileUp> Ywa can I ban him? 
    [11:14] <Ywa> Ban who? 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> Zentanor 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> or Zetanor. 
    [11:14] <Damien56> !away playing the force unleashed 
    [11:14] <MrGreen> Damien56 is now away: playing the force unleashed 
    [11:14] <Ywa> Clavus will do that @ CarPileUp 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> ok. 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> heres his SteamID 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> STEAM_0:1:8562485 
    [11:14] <Clavus> he's all mine 
    [11:14] <Clavus> he's all mine 
    [11:15] <ERROR> Ive lost a slight bit of respect for canada now 
    [11:15] <ERROR> a) Justin Bieber. 
    [11:15] <ERROR> b) This. 
    [11:16] <Clavus> we found this email in the hacked sourcebans database: [email protected] 
    [11:16] <Clavus> if you guys know any good spam / porn registering sites.... 
    [11:17] <CarPileUp> Haha XD 
    [11:17] <CarPileUp> wait 
    [11:17] <Nobana> I got one 
    [11:38] <Clavus> I think we're finally fucking done fixing and changing everything 
    [11:38] <Clavus> damn 
    [11:38] <Clavus> there goes my morning 
    [11:39] <deathbycrowbar> Is it secure now? 
    [11:39] <deathbycrowbar> or could it happen again? 
    [11:41] <Clavus> well you better love us because I just lost 2 hours of my life fixing shit I shouldn't have to fix in the first place 
    [11:42] <Clavus> I'm going to need to make something to update this shit more efficiently 
    [12:03] <Clavus> ZS just keeps crashing 
    [12:03] <Clavus> when someone gets killed 
    [12:04] <deathbycrowbar> yeh 
    [12:04] <Clavus> somebody join IW with me 
    [12:05] <Clavus> check if that one works :/ 
    [12:05] <Sacrifical> Ok 
    [12:06] <Clavus> crashing on spawn :/ 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> I'm stuck on sending client info... 
    [12:07] <Clavus> yeah I shut it down 
    [12:07] <Clavus> I can't even spawn 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> Oh -.- :P 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> Ok 
    [12:08] *** Deluvas has joined #mrgreen 
    [12:08] *** MCvarial is now known as MCvarial`bnc 
    [12:11] <Clavus> wtf 
    [12:11] <Clavus> I can't even fucking start IW in my own gmod! 
    [12:13] <Deluvas> Server crash or client crash? 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> server 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> everyone times out 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> and map resets 
    [12:15] <Clavus> seems to be on second PlayerSpawn call 
    [12:16] <Clavus> and I can load the gamemodes locally 
    [12:16] <Clavus> but fuck 
    [12:16] <Clavus> servers keep crashing 
    [13:32] <Deluvas> Clavus 
    [13:32] <Deluvas> You have a security flaw in your hash code 
    [13:32] <Clavus> what now 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> localize the variable 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> otherwise the attacker could do 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> PrintTable ( _G ) 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> Anyway, I'll do that 
    [13:33] <Clavus> well the only real point was that the attacker doesn't KNOW there is a second variable 
    [13:34] <Clavus> and great thing that we're speaking this over public IRC 
    [13:34] <Deluvas> Nah 
    [13:34] <Deluvas> They won't even know what we're doing if there is a spah 
    [13:34] <Clavus> whatever 
    [13:35] <Clavus> don't think I'll change it in IW 
    [13:35] <Deluvas> SPAAAH SAPPING MAH LUA 
    [13:35] <Clavus> it's all about them not knowing 

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    A photograph of CPU-Z (NOT SPECCY) or a gaming evolved case sticker will do.

  • turn my computer into a bomb


  • Too spoopy

  • it’s missing the “watch this video on youtube” button. 0/10 would not click again.

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