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Unofficial Hacking Megathread

  • Please be careful. Your child could be a computer hacker.

  • This isn’t news but you might enjoy a trip down memory lane.

    How to hack ZS:

    Ywa Icon :  	 (Today, 08:12)  Titty fucking
    Clavus Icon : 	(Today, 08:03) fucking hell 
    Silver Dot Icon :  	 (Today, 08:53)  HACKERS
    Silver Dot Icon : 	(Today, 08:53) jesus christ 
    [09:41] <CarPileUp> hi 
    [09:41] <CarPileUp> wtf D: 
    [09:43] <CarPileUp> sourcebans got hacked? 
    [09:47] <ERROR> Oh christ. 
    [09:47] <CarPileUp> :v 
    [09:49] <ERROR> Well, at least those bans for ywa & Clavus wont work anyway, since theres apparently no servers. 
    [09:49] <CarPileUp> mkay 
    [09:50] <Clavus> 
    [09:50] <Clavus> think of the trolls! 
    [09:51] <ERROR> Clavus, how pissed off is Ywa right now? :p 
    [09:51] <Clavus> is he awake then? 
    [09:51] <ERROR> I have no idea. 
    [09:51] <ERROR> !status Ywa 
    [09:51] <MrGreen> Ywa is currently away: Sleep (8 hrs, 55 mins, 18 secs) 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Still asleep. 
    [09:52] <Clavus> every time I try to get some sleep some machine starts making noise at 9 AM 
    [09:52] <CarPileUp> be ready for the ultimate rage when he gets up 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Oh he's going to get a nice surprise when he wakes up. 
    [09:52] <ERROR> The hackers are american. 
    [09:52] <Clavus> what is the problem 
    [09:52] <ERROR> Since they have no idea about countries. 
    [09:53] <Clavus> oh yeah we kinda knew that 
    [09:53] <Clavus> but what's the rage? 
    [09:53] <ERROR> 
    [09:54] <Clavus> fucking goddamnit 
    [09:54] <Clavus> FUXCK 
    [09:54] <CarPileUp> how the fuck could that happen 
    [09:55] <ERROR> !away dog 
    [09:55] <MrGreen> ERROR returned from: sleep (after: 9 hrs, 10 mins, 58 secs) 
    [09:55] <MrGreen> ERROR is now away: dog 
    [09:56] <Clavus> fucking hell 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I hate this shit 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I hate those guys 
    [09:56] <Clavus> I'm flying over there and punching them in the face 
    [09:56] <Clavus> texted Ywa 
    [09:57] <Clavus> stopped IW 
    [09:57] <Clavus> they were executing commands on it, AGAIN 
    [09:57] <ERROR> :/ 
    [09:57] <CarPileUp> fat bastards 
    [09:58] <CarPileUp> :< 
    [10:00] *** FadeNoir has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:00] *** MrWhoopee sets mode +v on FadeNoir 
    [10:01] <Ywa> !back 
    [10:01] <MrGreen> Ywa returned from: Sleep (after: 9 hrs, 4 mins, 31 secs) 
    [10:01] <FadeNoir> !status FadeNoir 
    [10:01] <MrGreen> fadenoir is currently away: doing something super awesome so i can return later from something really awesome and be cool when i type !back (175 hrs, 18 mins, 41 secs) 
    [10:01] <FadeNoir> \o 
    [10:03] <Ywa> GOD 
    [10:04] <FadeNoir> yes? 
    [10:04] <CarPileUp> oh no D: 
    [10:07] *** NECROSSIN has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:07] <NECROSSIN> !back 
    [10:07] <MrGreen> NECROSSIN returned from: Outside (after: 1 hrs, 22 mins, 54 secs) 
    [10:07] <NECROSSIN> lol'd at the ban page 
    [10:08] <NECROSSIN> shit happens 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> aaah 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> green coins page doesnt work 
    [10:24] <NECROSSIN> we are doomed 
    [10:24] *** SkyNet{HuN} has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:26] <Boter> 
    [10:26] <Boter> :( 
    [10:27] <Boter> Dr who fans: 
    [10:27] <Boter> 
    [10:27] <ERROR> Clavus posted that forst. 
    [10:27] <ERROR> first* 
    [10:27] <Boter> i know 
    [10:28] <Clavus> ugh 
    [10:28] <ERROR> mmmmmm Amy. 
    [10:28] <NECROSSIN> soo? 
    [10:28] <Clavus> thanks for notifying NECROSSIN 
    [10:28] <Clavus> I changed the password 
    [10:28] <Clavus> since the bastards managed to read the databases.cfg in sourcemod 
    [10:28] <Clavus> which contained the sourcebans pass 
    [10:29] <NECROSSIN> :o 
    [10:29] <ERROR> D: 
    [10:29] <Clavus> but also the GC pass 
    [10:29] <Clavus> they didn't seem to have messed with that db though... 
    [10:31] <Clavus> Green-Coins page is fixed 
    [10:31] <CarPileUp> i see.. 
    [10:32] *** NECROSSIN has quit (Ping timeout) 
    [10:32] <Boter> man mr-green sure is popular with the hackers 
    [10:32] *** NECROSSIN has joined #mrgreen 
    [10:32] <NECROSSIN> damn 
    [10:32] <CarPileUp> yeah 
    [10:32] <Boter> baha 
    [10:33] <Boter> clever page now 
    [10:33] <Boter> l4g bans 
    [10:33] <ERROR> Its because we're all so damn awesome. and haters gonna hate 
    [10:33] <Boter> what 
    [10:33] <Boter> but who would do this 
    [10:33] <Boter> it doesnt make any sense 
    [10:33] <ERROR> American faggets. 
    [10:33] <ERROR> I blame nox. 
    [10:33] <Boter> banned people want to get unbanned? 
    [10:33] <Boter> man your servers are the most popular then 
    [10:33] <Boter> its a compliment 
    [10:33] <Boter> and nox 
    [10:33] <Boter> why always nox 
    [10:33] <Boter> you need to file a report on them 
    [10:33] <Boter> bitches 
    [10:34] <Boter> *childish bitcher 
    [10:34] <Clavus> it's not like JetBoom said 'go fuck them up' 
    [10:34] <Boter> you dont have proof that he didnt do it 
    [10:34] <Clavus> it's always just a few guys being idiots 
    [10:34] <Boter> and being bored cus the best servers are offline 
    [10:34] <Clavus> if an entire community decides to fuck you up, you have more shit on your hands 
    [10:35] <Boter> and this isn't sue-able? 
    [10:35] <Boter> i mean 
    [10:35] <Boter> srsly... 
    [10:35] <Boter> you could find the cure to cancer 
    [10:35] <Boter> !rtd 
    [10:35] <Boter> :( 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Nox is causing this 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Or atleast 
    [10:35] <Ywa> Their players 
    [10:35] <Boter> members of nox 
    [10:35] <NECROSSIN> 
    [10:35] <NECROSSIN> haters everywhere! 
    [10:35] <Boter> Nox Clan must die 
    [10:35] <CarPileUp> ^ 
    [10:35] <Ywa> its not a clan 
    [10:35] <Ywa> derp 
    [10:36] <CarPileUp> community 
    [10:36] <Boter> i will kill them with a condom, butterknife, and a teacup 
    [10:36] <Boter> they are american players right? 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> *sadface* 
    [10:37] <Boter> its such a hot day today 
    [10:37] <Ywa> lol 
    [10:37] <Boter> !weather 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Boter, use !weather <city> 
    [10:37] <FadeNoir> !weather enschede 
    [10:37] <NECROSSIN> this happens when i was trying to open my green coins page :o 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for Enschede, Overijssel: 25C (77F) - Humidity: 41% - Wind: S at 7 mph 
    [10:37] <ERROR> !weather yo19 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for York, Yorkshire: 15C (59F) - Humidity: 88% - Wind: SW at 5 mph 
    [10:37] <Boter> !weather maastricht 
    [10:37] <MrGreen> Weather for Maastricht railway station, Limburg: 27C (81F) - Humidity: 42% - Wind: S at 12 mph 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> You're in maasticht? 
    [10:38] <ERROR> So humid D; 
    [10:38] <Boter> and its still morning :( 
    [10:38] <Boter> no not really 
    [10:38] <Boter> i live in a town closeby 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Friend works in maastricht 
    [10:38] <Ywa> Guys 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> !weather hoesbach 
    [10:38] <MrGreen> Weather for Hosbach, Bavaria: 27C (81F) - Humidity: 51% - Wind: E at 5 mph 
    [10:38] <Boter> i do study in maastricht 
    [10:38] <Boter> but not live there 
    [10:38] <Ywa> Imma get my diploma/certificate today :> 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> Ywa? 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Ah 
    [10:38] <ERROR> :o 
    [10:38] <CarPileUp> oh nice 
    [10:38] <Boter> epic 
    [10:38] <FadeNoir> Ywa: wich one 
    [10:39] <Ywa> HAVO 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> oh i thought some 
    [10:39] <Boter> im going to TNT post 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> IT certificate 
    [10:39] <Ywa> naw 
    [10:39] <Boter> sons of bitches didnt answer my phone calls for 2 days 
    [10:39] <Boter> now im going to kick their asses 
    [10:39] <Ywa> Lol 
    [10:39] <FadeNoir> hehe 
    [10:39] <Boter> brb 
    [10:39] <Ywa> good luck 
    [10:55] <deathbycrowbar> well shit 
    [10:55] <deathbycrowbar> looks like this Zetanor guy has screwed things up quite alot 
    [10:56] <ERROR>;u=186 
    [10:57] <Damien56> a nox admin :S 
    [10:57] <Damien56> ridiculous 
    [10:57] <deathbycrowbar> oh seriously 
    [10:58] <deathbycrowbar> why do those guys hate us so much 
    [10:58] <Damien56> because zs is better than nox zs 
    [10:58] <Damien56> and they know it 
    [10:59] <ERROR> yep :p 
    [10:59] <Damien56> plus they are arrogant 
    [10:59] <Damien56> this is their way to get more people 
    [11:00] <ERROR> It's their way to make themselves feel slightly better than us. But deep down, they all know JetBoom is a fag. 
    [11:00] <Damien56> we cant do anything back, because we would be equally arrogant if we did 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Wow 
    [11:03] <Nobana> So 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Ywa 
    [11:03] <Nobana> Servers work but only bans are fucked up? 
    [11:04] <deathbycrowbar> I'd stay clear of the servers atm Nobana 
    [11:04] <deathbycrowbar> they might get infected or something 
    [11:04] <Nobana> K 
    [11:05] <deathbycrowbar> also lol @ Redgord 
    [11:07] <Ywa> 
    [11:07] <Ywa> :) 
    [11:07] <CarPileUp> was clear 
    [11:08] <ERROR> :D 
    [11:08] <CarPileUp> that is was a fagget from nox 
    [11:08] <Ywa> backup from last monday 
    [11:08] <CarPileUp> nice :D 
    [11:08] <deathbycrowbar> nice work Ywa :D 
    [11:08] <ERROR> So its lost 4 days of bans 
    [11:08] <deathbycrowbar> Not many banned in last 4 days 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> apart from the hacker and some annoying kid I banned for a couple of hours 
    [11:09] <Ywa> yeh 
    [11:09] <Nobana> Who is Zetazor anyway? 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> Admin on Noxious Net 
    [11:09] <ERROR> Nox admin 
    [11:09] <deathbycrowbar> ninjad 
    [11:09] <ERROR> So's. We need Lobe to kick some DDoS butt on them. 
    [11:10] <deathbycrowbar> xD 
    [11:10] <Ywa> He lost his botnet 
    [11:10] <deathbycrowbar> bah 
    [11:10] <ERROR> :< 
    [11:10] <Nobana> Fuck. 
    [11:11] <Nobana> We need to attack them IRL. 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> Ok guys 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> im gonna ban Zentanor 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> reason? 
    [11:11] <Nobana> I call baseball bat! 
    [11:11] <CarPileUp> got his ID 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> wait CPU 
    [11:11] <Nobana> He doesnt play DoDS? 
    [11:11] <Nobana> Or does he 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> Let TC do it 
    [11:11] *** MaycoMobile has joined #mrgreen 
    [11:11] <deathbycrowbar> he only hacked the banlist because he got banned 
    [11:12] <MaycoMobile> What'd I miss 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Oh 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Ban list works? 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> yeh 
    [11:12] <Nobana> I see 
    [11:12] <Nobana> So everything fine now? 
    [11:12] <Nobana> Basically? 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> well 
    [11:12] <Ywa> You missed everything Mayco 
    [11:12] <deathbycrowbar> sort of 
    [11:12] <MaycoMobile> Nooo 
    [11:13] <CarPileUp> Ywa can I ban him? 
    [11:14] <Ywa> Ban who? 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> Zentanor 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> or Zetanor. 
    [11:14] <Damien56> !away playing the force unleashed 
    [11:14] <MrGreen> Damien56 is now away: playing the force unleashed 
    [11:14] <Ywa> Clavus will do that @ CarPileUp 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> ok. 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> heres his SteamID 
    [11:14] <CarPileUp> STEAM_0:1:8562485 
    [11:14] <Clavus> he's all mine 
    [11:14] <Clavus> he's all mine 
    [11:15] <ERROR> Ive lost a slight bit of respect for canada now 
    [11:15] <ERROR> a) Justin Bieber. 
    [11:15] <ERROR> b) This. 
    [11:16] <Clavus> we found this email in the hacked sourcebans database: [email protected] 
    [11:16] <Clavus> if you guys know any good spam / porn registering sites.... 
    [11:17] <CarPileUp> Haha XD 
    [11:17] <CarPileUp> wait 
    [11:17] <Nobana> I got one 
    [11:38] <Clavus> I think we're finally fucking done fixing and changing everything 
    [11:38] <Clavus> damn 
    [11:38] <Clavus> there goes my morning 
    [11:39] <deathbycrowbar> Is it secure now? 
    [11:39] <deathbycrowbar> or could it happen again? 
    [11:41] <Clavus> well you better love us because I just lost 2 hours of my life fixing shit I shouldn't have to fix in the first place 
    [11:42] <Clavus> I'm going to need to make something to update this shit more efficiently 
    [12:03] <Clavus> ZS just keeps crashing 
    [12:03] <Clavus> when someone gets killed 
    [12:04] <deathbycrowbar> yeh 
    [12:04] <Clavus> somebody join IW with me 
    [12:05] <Clavus> check if that one works :/ 
    [12:05] <Sacrifical> Ok 
    [12:06] <Clavus> crashing on spawn :/ 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> I'm stuck on sending client info... 
    [12:07] <Clavus> yeah I shut it down 
    [12:07] <Clavus> I can't even spawn 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> Oh -.- :P 
    [12:07] <Sacrifical> Ok 
    [12:08] *** Deluvas has joined #mrgreen 
    [12:08] *** MCvarial is now known as MCvarial`bnc 
    [12:11] <Clavus> wtf 
    [12:11] <Clavus> I can't even fucking start IW in my own gmod! 
    [12:13] <Deluvas> Server crash or client crash? 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> server 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> everyone times out 
    [12:13] <deathbycrowbar> and map resets 
    [12:15] <Clavus> seems to be on second PlayerSpawn call 
    [12:16] <Clavus> and I can load the gamemodes locally 
    [12:16] <Clavus> but fuck 
    [12:16] <Clavus> servers keep crashing 
    [13:32] <Deluvas> Clavus 
    [13:32] <Deluvas> You have a security flaw in your hash code 
    [13:32] <Clavus> what now 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> localize the variable 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> otherwise the attacker could do 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> PrintTable ( _G ) 
    [13:33] <Deluvas> Anyway, I'll do that 
    [13:33] <Clavus> well the only real point was that the attacker doesn't KNOW there is a second variable 
    [13:34] <Clavus> and great thing that we're speaking this over public IRC 
    [13:34] <Deluvas> Nah 
    [13:34] <Deluvas> They won't even know what we're doing if there is a spah 
    [13:34] <Clavus> whatever 
    [13:35] <Clavus> don't think I'll change it in IW 
    [13:35] <Deluvas> SPAAAH SAPPING MAH LUA 
    [13:35] <Clavus> it's all about them not knowing 

  • Please remember that if you wish to join the NoXiousNet hacker association we will need photographic evidence of your AMD processor.

    A photograph of CPU-Z (NOT SPECCY) or a gaming evolved case sticker will do.

  • turn my computer into a bomb


  • Too spoopy

  • it’s missing the “watch this video on youtube” button. 0/10 would not click again.

  • Hello fellow hackers!!!

    why don’t we post our IPs so we can test each others firewalls :D

    here’s mine:

    pro tip: if you don’t know how to figure out your IP, just google “my IP” without the quotes :P

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  • Why haven’t they caught that notorious hacker known as 4chan yet?

  • @wibble said in Unofficial Hacking Megathread:

    Why haven’t they caught that notorious hacker known as 4chan yet?

    this forum needs to be purged of kids right NOW

  • @zetanor said in Unofficial Hacking Megathread:

    @wibble said in Unofficial Hacking Megathread:

    Why haven’t they caught that notorious hacker known as 4chan yet?

    this forum needs to be purged of kids right NOW

    Only real hackers allowed am I right my dude?

  • got my cmd prompt open

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