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Will Nox ever Return?

  • @AtomiC:

    1 For example: Custom jobs being unlocked. (Cat, Insane Clown, Wizurd(fake wizard)) 
    2 Custom emotes. (Think the custom emotes we have in nox)
    3 “Finishing moves” (Choking people, german suplex into disposals?)
    4 Custom clothes.

    1. I guess its ok to fill in the void if server hits max cap and you can only take assistant
    2. Good
    3. Please no horrible, add these but don’t limit them to some kind of unlock.
    4. Good

    Admins needs OOC icons if you gonna make everyone have colors, but that’s easy and manageable, the unlock every job after a few rounds is good idea.

    A way to reward people with becoming traitors maybe? Hippie has antag coins admin spawned thing they give out if the server crashed or just whenever, when used turns the user into an antag, maybe people who ‘level up’ enough can redeem those for active play?

  • @AtomiC:

    I was thinking of suggesting some simple leveling system with unlockables. I could code it myself.
    To put it simply. The game gives you a point if you manage to do the task you are given. You unlock stuff with your points.

    For example: Custom jobs being unlocked. (Cat, Insane Clown, Wizurd(fake wizard))
    Custom emotes. (Think the custom emotes we have in nox)
    “Finishing moves” (Choking people, german suplex into disposals?)
    Custom clothes.

    Basically the idea is that people will want to spend time playing if they have some sort of goal to their character. The feel of “investment” will get people to stay. Even if it’s just a number going up.

    I was thinking that low level people only get access to regular jobs. And completing for example, 2 jobs, unlocks everything.This is to give people a chance to learn the game first, and to create some sort of small barrier for “join and grief” people.

    Or we can just have a number going up next to your character name. Give you a different OOC color based on your level. Something really really simple. Doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Any suggestions?

    every 5 hours of playtime should give you a free antag token (antag tokens are in the game, but have to be given by an admin)

    i don’t think limiting the current jobs available should be a thing, only extra jobs should limit it (HOS is currently an unlockable whitelisted job)

    you could implement silver, and have things such as vending machines that you can buy silver-specific items from (nothing that gives you an advantage, only silly things)

    custom clothes is a good idea, not sure how I feel about finishing moves because that seems like a game advantage

    track objectives, there is already an achievement system in place that allows you to get medals and use unlockables that persist by round, could also add in stats for traitor rounds won, rounds survived, etc

    possibly have it so you can unlock mutant races ingame that change your character sprite, maybe some of the mutant races function differently from humans, such as plant people dying to burn damage much easier, but they have a constant small healing factor as long as they’re illuminated

  • Alright so we need a webserver where we can store resources on. Like the

  • I have my freemanium that I use for some authentication backends and content storage, as long as it’s used for light resources I can lend some space

  • Actually we don’t need it. This whole thing is confusing.

    (*)Enabled what I’m calling “CDN resource mode”. This basically stops byond from sending you files necessary for popups and such, and instead links to where they are hosted on an external server (goonhub).

    So it’s not like downloadurl, it’s just for popups.

  • cosmetics only for now until ppl get the hang of the new station/system

    Tokens to buy your traitor for a round is okay early days but when all the regulars have lots of tokens and buy their antag every round and no new ppl get antag, why bother?

  • antag tokens don’t reduce the amount of antagonists for the round, and there’s no cap on them atm but it would be easy to make one

  • Is the server launched?

  • The official (for real this time) test server has been running for days.

    Also antag tokens would have to be capped to some amount relative to the # of players/active antags online otherwise it turns into a 2 minute round and a waste of a token in retrospect.

  • is server up on official list

  • @Dent:

    otherwise it turns into a 2 minute round and a waste of a token in retrospect.

    pretty good sink imo

  • I’m not sure what this even is but i’m curious how do i get in?

  • Is this dead? I’ve missed my quality 2D spessmens

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