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Zombie Survival - The Sigil Update

  • @Stelker:

    Corrupting a sigil doesn’t really have any dire consequence to the human team.
    What if, when a sigil is corrupted, the zombies can +use it to teleport to the next uncorrupted sigil.

    This would give the human team more incentive to go out of their cade, and uncorrupt the sigil.

    So you’re suggesting to give the zombies a way to teleport INSIDE a barricade? This would make humans completely abandon the sigils and go cade a hallway with no sigils nearby.

  • I’m sure he meant “to the next CORRUPTED Sigil”

  • Banned

    Still wouldn’t do much. Half the time sigils are just down the hallway or right next to each other in different rooms.

  • Banned

    Are you still planning on adding the bones?

  • @JetBoom:

    • Humans can use an over the shoulder view by pressing the context menu button. This is a real over the shoulder view. Bullets will still come out of where your gun is (technically, your model eye position). A red circle on your crosshair will let you know if a wall is blocking where your crosshair is.

    Issues with this:
    When the player enters the water and they use 3rd person, their view will stay tilted.
    When the player enters the clumsy state, their view will stay tilted or flipped (even worse).


    • Zombie gas changed. Spawn protection now grants immunity to player damage but does not give a speed bonus. The protection also immediately fades when leaving the gasses. Poison damage from gasses is less but is applied more often.

    Since this was added, entities start to appear white any time.

  • sometimes happens with players too they turn white or blue

  • Make zombies teleport on a corrupted sigils? Like that makes any fucken sense.

  • Banned

    Hey grue. Stop posting.

  • Are escape doors meant to appear on corrupted sigils? That would help them be a little more important if they required to be uncorrupted first.

  • When update will be released?

  • @gvue003:

    Make zombies teleport on a corrupted sigils? Like that makes any fucken sense.

    you’re such a fucking retard please just die already

  • When update will be released?

  • The upcoming version with skill tree and other updates won’t be available for public download for a while.

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