SMB isnt played enough

  • why does no one play it?

  • why does no one play it?

  • Because no one plays it.

  • Banned

    /csc Join RTP

  • 1v1 grapple only let’s do it

  • Kill-o-trons
    Basically unplayable if you have over 100ms ping
    "Chicken and egg" fun effect (No one plays it because it’s not fun without players)

  • I’m sure if you added a few ‘ai boxes’  (only moving left or right, jumping every X seconds, and being able to be pulled by their own team with a grapple hook) to each team, replacing them with players when they join, the ‘chicken and egg’ fun effect would evaporate because you had something to fight against and had allies you could ‘convince’ to follow and protect you.

    Compare that to SMB right now, where you bounce around the map until you hit a sawblade and die then leave because boring.

  • that wouldnt be a bad idea it is a really fun gamemode when people join  :smile:

  • Or revamping it wouldnt be a bad idea

  • I was a fan of the gamemode.  However, the multitudes of maps with moving zones of fuck-you-insta-death combined with the indirect nerf to grapple hooks (jumping on boxes does 1/3 of their health in damage instead of 1/2) really put me off from the gamemode.

    I think another problem is that most of the maps either don’t have much flow to them or have anti-flow.  Part of the reason why I chose to use the grapple hook/shotgun as my main weapons is that they both allow better control over your movement, and that is the aspect I found the most fun in smb.  Zinging along the map at high speeds, landing on each platform perfectly as to not lose precious momentum was fun.  I think that is why there are a lot of bad maps for smb, because it is difficult to get that type of flow just right, just one block in the wrong spot could halt someone’s progress completely, whereas if that block was instead a trigger_hurt, it would just obliterate any progress the player made entirely.  My favorite maps are mainly the older maps, and that is because they are usually open enough to allow good flow, whereas the later maps tried to be too complex and as a result damaged their game flow.

    Well that’s my wall of text on the subject.

  • bring back grappleworld

  • I agree that this game is massively underpopular.

    What if someone made a steam group and anyone who wants to play SMB just creates an event? Everyone who is in the group gets notified.
    This has worked very well for Monday Night Combat.

  • The problem with that is its a gmod game. Nearly everyone and their dog has gmod so they’ll join the group, then get upset about all the events from people looking for games.

    That and it wouldn’t solve the problem at all; you need players to get players with SMB. This would only gather interest in reviving it, not fix the main problem.

  • Get rid of all the maps where you arbitrarily die every 15 seconds to the environment and you might be able to get some people to play.

  • RTP has been fluctuating every so often… I noticed this only after we had a large event for it and people lingered around afterwards.  If we could get an event going again for smb, we may jump-start it until it eventually runs dry and adrift from all that broken wood piling up.

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