• So Destiny was released a few days ago.  It sounds like people are having lots of mixed feelings about it so far, anyone here get the game?

  • So Destiny was released a few days ago.  It sounds like people are having lots of mixed feelings about it so far, anyone here get the game?

  • Level 20 hunter with 2 childhood friends doing instances together.  Otherwise, it would probably get old quick.  It’s starting to get more fun though at level 20.  This game is designed for mostly endgame content.  The instances have challenges that will put anyone to the test.

    There is a lot of strategy involved with players’ movement especially.  I random-ed up with 2 others for the moon instance and constantly got fucked at the last part.  1 guy left and the other person looked to me and shook his head.  I saluted and we both left.  Know your role in the team fights.  The game can be absolutely dreadful if your squishy warlock teammate runs in first, alarms the thralls, and insta-gibs.  Great fucking game though.

    I thought running through the same six or seven levels would be horrible and repetitive, but it’s been designed in such a way that it feels different enough each time.  Random events don’t seem to happen enough, however.

  • So this game is multiplayer only right? No “cinematic experience” single player?

  • it’s a merge.  There are definitely cinematic things, although not as epic.

  • I have the game and so far its great. Once you reach level 20 in the game, there are more stuff to do. But it is a pretty short campaign and could be completed within 1-2 days. Also the possibilities in the tower (the main social hangout) are so little. I would say it might die out in a month if they don’t make changes.

  • Yeah, I was surprised by the lack of content too.  I thought that several years would be enough to add a decent bit  of everything, but I can’t fly spaceships or customize them.  I can only buy them and look at them through a loading screen.  I ended up getting the armor shaders, although you can’t preview those and some of them look silly.

    There is a lot of concept art that hints to more places to be discovered including cassini-

    I have yet to find any hard to reach areas, although I hear that raids should be out soon enough-

    So it seems that they will be mixing things up a bit on a regular basis, but I’m still uncertain whether that will be enough or not.  I’m sure Bungie knows what they’re doing, but I guess I expect more than I did when Halo 2 came out.  Damn you father time.

  • MMO firefall suffers from lack of content too. I do not suggest you to play it.

  • I got it yesterday and so far it’s pretty good, It’s very similar to borderland just with less content, if you liked borderland you will probably like it but it isn’t worth £50

  • I’m lvl 21 now…  it is fucking crazy when you go to the dome and fuck shit up with a handcannon like  a berserker

  • I’ve been playing it quite a bit lately.  Really fun game but there is a somewhat lack of content.  I’m interested to see what they do with the game in future weekly updates, like including more areas, raids, etc.

  • i bought destiny for the pc4 but idk if its good or not i didnt try it yet :P but i saw a lets play i liked it but it was kiiiinda hard like borderlands 2… the main, MAIN issue i have with buying games is who does the money go to? how do i know they wont spend it on something i dont support like war or the war on drugs… which is dumb because im 420 friendly ;))))=DDD  anyways the game could be made better if it was an mmo but…  you now…

  • @captainzaku:

    go back to playing darkfall and eating taco bell

  • Queen’s Wrath is out for a limited time-  get your legendary shit going!

  • no its shit

  • Banned

    yes its cool

  • Yeah it’s an alright game but I was really disappointed with the amount of content and things to collect, there are barely any different guns and armors as in everyone will have the same at the same level, I had done everything in about 3 days and don’t even want to play it now, literally borderlands with 5% of the actual content that it has, I only recommend getting it if you have 2 other friends to go on it with otherwise it is pointless

  • exactly. like the game had so much potential then they ruined it by making it an fps like they could of make it into an mmo or at the VERY least something like the previous halo series but they maked borderlands 2 for casuals as well so im not sure

    the game feels like starbound or space engineers, NOT something bungie would make, so im not sure what to do with this game.

  • I didn’t understand any of that.

    It’s nothing like starbound or Space Engineers.  It is an mmo, but at the same time an fps.  People seem to be more pissed off that it’s more mmo than fps, not the reverse.  The movement in the game is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in a game and alone makes me come back to it every day to feel like a bad ass triple jumping and kicking off corners to blow the head off that fallen captain that is destroying the war sat that needs defending.  To enjoy this game, you really have to make an effort, as strange as that sounds.  I’m not talking about pretending to have fun.  I’m talking about finding something fun to do in the game if other things don’t work.  This game has a lot to offer that is not apparent early on and can affect your judgement if you don’t keep an open mind until the later levels.  I suppose the story setup for it was shitty, but the missions weren’t too bad.  In a way, it feels like it was made for those of us who sought out the golden warthog using wraith and ghost jumps, trying to avoid touching the deadly sun-kill zone of headlong; these are the people that played Halo 2 on legendary with a best friend for days on end and got the two scarab guns to smash through the levels.  It’s very limited content level-wise, but there is so much free roaming space on each level that I never get tired of it if I keep mixing it up a bit with crucible and vanguard strikes along with the occasional random event.  I’ve been overrun on my own doing a warsat event only to be at the last blip of health when a random group of players bursts in with rockets and fusion rifles ripping the enemies apart around me.  The mission ends a couple minutes later and we wave and head off to different paths.  I suppose everyone is looking for something in every game and if they don’t find it, they can be disappointed in it.  I was upset about the state of Destiny when I first played it, but I’ve found new things to love about it.  Give it a try.

    Edit: btw, Space Engineers kicks even more ass with each and every thursday

  • Even the ‘mmo’ side of it is bad though i have only ever seen around 3 people in the same place and about 10 tops at the tower plus the freeroaming is just a few long paths the lead to mission locations and side quests but the side quests are just 'kill a certain amount of enemies in one area or until they drop stuff, just feels like they put no effort into it

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