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  • Resupply crates take anti-skycade damage if they’re placed on displacements and a player stands on them, like the grass areas on zs_cheap_hotel_v2.

  • Ticklemonster head hitbox is inside its chest. Bosses still give themselves passive resistance.

  • Yeah, the nightmare is a complete bullet sponge even by itself.

  • @Pufulet:

    Ticklemonster head hitbox is inside its chest.

    Since changing the npc model to the playermodel, fast zombies can’t be headshot killed, it’s just one hitbox covering their head and chest.
    Ticklemonster being a taller fast zombie, the hitboxes remain the same, those snipers are wasting their ammo when they aim for the head.

  • Flesh creeper’s jump height is too short for some maps that require crouch jumps. 2014-8-2 12-23-45.webm

  • Rotating doors that have been broken for use as props with the muscular trait is extremely difficult.  They seem to rotate around some point that is removed from the prop itself and in some cases picking the door up can make it immediately launch out of your hands.

  • Picking up a stone when you already have one does not add any additional stones to your inventory.

  • We had seventy players on for a while earlier.  We have 55 now.  With large player counts, hammers are still just as effective, but nails lose health quicker and reach their limit.  Is it possible to scale them to the player count so large amounts of players don’t mean an instant loss even if they’re coordinated?

  • Is the box of 12 nails supposed to be 6 or 12 nails? It’s labeled 12 but it only gives 6. Box mentioned a fix for it a while back.


    The mistake is in sh_options.lua

    GM:AddStartingItem("6nails", "Box of 12 nails", "An extra box of nails for all your barricading needs.", ITEMCAT_TOOLS, 25, nil, function(pl) pl:GiveAmmo(6, "GaussEnergy", true) end, "models/Items/BoxMRounds.mdl")

  • @JetBoom:

    • Human players joining late will no longer be dynamically spawned on another player who is near a zombie.This is a great feature, but it should also include zombie spawns.
      I’ve seen 1 or 2 late joiners dynamically spawn on players who were near the zombie spawn while there were no zombies present, and then seeing zombies respawn and go after them.

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