Where is the LUA function that adds a jump delay in the ZS files?

  • Title pretty much says it all, we are having a hard time finding it.

  • Title pretty much says it all, we are having a hard time finding it.

  • It’s the part of the files where you’re not supposed to be changing.

  • Care to elaborate?
    We’re not doing this with bad intentions, people I know have their own server and are trying to get rid of it.

  • @SunnyTeapot:

    Care to elaborate?


    I added it to prevent people bunny hopping. Removing it is going to let people bunny hop. Maybe you see a problem with not being able to mash the spacebar but you won’t when someone starts speeding around the map like sonic.

  • We’re doing this with the sole intention of being able to bunny hop. I know this would seem unfair to some players, but I’m sure the server managers are going to change the host name to let people know that the server is a bunny hop enabled server in order to avoid any players feeling that they have been cheated.

  • Well as long as you’re not trying to be the “next big zs dev”.

    pl:RawCapLegDamage(CurTime() + math.min(2, speed * 0.0035))

  • Thanks!

  • To sort of hijack the thread…

    I understand that you don’t want people bunnyhopping around, but adding a delay to jumping was kind of silly. Because most ZS servers are 33tick it’s already hard to bunnyhop. Meaning that you are forced to jump with a spacebar instead of a scroll. Also, jump delay only applies to survivors which means zombies can go as fast as they can. Seems pretty unfair to me… Unless I’m just playing on an older version…

    For that reason I’d like to see this type of bunnyhop cap in the future versions:

    local TEAM_HUMAN = 4
    local MAX_SPEED_HUMAN = 300
    local MAX_SPEED_ZOMBIE = 400
    hook.Add( "Move", "capspeed01", function( ply, cmd )
    	if ( ply:IsOnGround() && cmd:KeyDown( IN_JUMP ) ) then
    		local maxspeed = MAX_SPEED_ZOMBIE -- Max speed for zombies (for fast zombies)
    		if ( ply:Team() == TEAM_HUMAN ) then maxspeed = MAX_SPEED_HUMAN end
    		local vel = cmd:GetVelocity()
    		local speed = math.sqrt( ( vel.x ^ 2 ) + ( vel.y ^ 2 ) )
    		if ( speed > maxspeed ) then
    			cmd:SetVelocity( Vector( vel.x * 0.9, vel.y * 0.9, vel.z ) )
    end )

  • The point being that some people are adept enough at hopping around that they still manage to do it, thus the delay being added so they can’t.

    It’s really fine the way it is.

  • The delay really gimps you when playing certain obj or ze rounds though.

  • The leg damage delay is very awkward, particularly for ZE when zombies can’t jump when they’re being shot at – jumping is needed in ZE to reach the humans when in ZS zombies jump to dodge bullets or reduce damage taken.

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