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Paladin feedback

  • Post criticism here.

  • Post criticism here.

  • Oversoul makes Paladin look fat instead of doing the great soul glow animation.

  • The effect worked fine on The Darker One’s server so I don’t know. Zetanor fixed the materials not being downloaded.

    I did the following for balance:

    • Holy Nova cooldown to 20 from 15
    • Holy Nova explosion delay to 2.25 from 1.5
    • Sanctify total heal to 20 from 30
    • Hammer damage delay to .85 from .26. Also has three custom lua attack animations.
    • Hammer cooldown to 2.3

    I upped the Harvest goal to 30k mana and made it so that the game ends when a grandcapacitor has its max mana - 50 until the extractor/translocator bug is resolved.

  • This is about Harvest but since you are supervising that too, double or at least triple the amount of required mana in Harvest, matches in that gametype end too quickly

    Also as you see in that screenshot some Paladin spellicons aren’t being transfered to clients, also give Sacred Vow some audio feedback, I don’t know how far away the guy behind me is, maybe give a looping sound that increases pitch the further you are from your “bound” player

  • I removed the snapping from the paladin animations except when it first casts a spell or attacks (It has a constant hold pose lua animation and transitioning from one lua animation to another doesn’t go over well unless you stop the previous animation). I also made it so that using a paladin ability gives a global 1.5-2 second cooldown on all abilities as well as disabling attacks. Attacking prevents ability use for the duration of the attack. In order to compensate I did the following:

    • Oversoul from 3.5 to 4 seconds.
    • Oversoul can always be casted.
    • The repel wall now blocks teleporting, berserkercharge, and reflects everything except for protrusion and paladin shockwaves.
    • Sacred Vow scan radius from 25 to 40.

  • I feel like the Warhammer should have some heavy knock back on enemies. It seems way to easy to get wrecked by a crafter which has a better DPS you do.

  • It does have a knockback but I could up it a bit.

  • I fucking love playing Paladin. Can’t wait for the other two classes.