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[RELEASE] eft_streetball_v1

  • information down below

  • information down below

  • Hopefully the trickshot isn’t like the one on turbines (and soccer) where you throw the ball once from the ball spawn and you win.

    Though I’m interested to see how it would play in a more closed area, only closed maps are tunnel and sky line (though that’s more mixed, but really why would you go to the open part in the first place)

  • well after playing eft for nearly 2 years, i say it’s time to make map.

    this was supposed to be worked on back in november 2013, but i never really did anything at all, but here it is

    I moved away from the double cul de sac idea i originally was planning to make, and just turned it into a medium sized abandoned street.

    Strap on your cleats, put your pads on and head to the abandoned streets

    Special thanks to:
    dissident - basically improving the enitre map, and adding a custom skybox
    Madden, Donny, MCIceHammer, lilzzfla, Grimace, Dr.Inconceivable, Shilluminati, Dr. Nonms, and more for playtesting and giving feedback

    *Ball spawns between the two tankers, and the green car and truck
    *3 powerups, speedball (6 seconds) and iceball (8 seconds) are located to the left and right of ball spawns inside their desired tunnels, blitzball is located inside the big cinder block building, which lasts for 15 seconds.
    *3 different entrances to the touchdown zone, from the speed and ice tunnels, or the front entrances outside
    *There’s an open window (similar to castle warfare) where you can throw the ball in (or out). use this to get the ball out of your base or get a well aimed throw and score a touchdown
    *Many cars to juke around, and buildings to take different routes

    Download link:

    Blitzball building

    Speedball tunnel

    Iceball tunnel

    Red’s goal zone

    Blue’s goal zone

    Outside area

  • Fun map to play on, just a little dark. Tight corners makes for intense situations. Cool map

  • Pretty solid for a first map, honestly. This map seems like it rewards both individual play (by juking through the backalleys, etc) and teamwork (by passing and blocking). Nearly all the other current EFT maps either focus on one or the other.

  • it uses a combination of different maps, while still being very different and unique. fantastic map!

  • nicely done, it has a nice structure, even though it’s generally a bit dark. it might need a bit more details to make the map a little bit more fancy in terms of aesthetics. for example the pads that are used for powerups, they can and they must improve to a not just a block down the floor. maybe put a light facing upwards at the bottom of the platform with an obtuse and set some dustmotes. the touchdown hoop also needs something more, not sure what, but it’s too dull, while the spawns need more light as well if not a restructure. the overall rating of the map is high enough to be put in public for testing tho. cheers

  • The geometry is very basic and the lighting is poor, but the game plays very well. I’ve added it in but you might want to consider detail, better lighting and a more obvious pointers to where the goal zones are.

  • thanks benjy, and glad to see positive reactions to the map. as for the geometry, lighting, etc., ill start working on polishing up the map sometime around this weekend.

  • UPDATE: eft_streetball_v2

    Special thanks to dissident again for fixing some stuff and getting new textures for the skybox

    List of changes:
    *Changed the speed and iceball from blocks on the floor to rings to walk through.
    *Lowered the brick walls, and added a 3-D skybox.
    *Fixed people getting inside the tanker/vans/windows by playerclipping them. Added crates to the truck next to ballspawn, and no collided all the lights.
    *Sped up the touchdown rings a bit.
    *Added a couple of trees behind some buildings.
    *Put some graffiti around the brick wall surrounding the map, and the ice/speed tunnels.


  • another update: eft_streetball_v3

    *Lengthened the touchdown room. Added pillars holding the ring
    *The front gates leading to the touchdown room now have gates. They function just like in Castle Warfare.
    *Removed the brick building, and replaced it with a smaller, less ugly building.
    *Removed the Ice-Ball powerup and replaced it with another speed. (Since Ice was quite useless.)
    *Sped up the ring a bit more.


  • i noticed that both v2 and v3 have a touchdown ring speed up and it makes me worried on the result

  • Not sure what you’ve done but the latest version doesn’t run very well at all. 15-20fps on my machine when in the centre.

  • @Donny:

    i noticed that both v2 and v3 have a touchdown ring speed up and it makes me worried on the result

    The time could be reduced as a compromise, but I don’t think it’s any worse here than any of the other maps with speedballs.

    @Benjy: really? I’m getting the same FPS (90ish) at the ball spawn, strange.

  • UPDATE: eft_streetball_v4

    *Retextured the gates (since for some reason the old texture was a 1 way texture).
    *Added 2 cars, and 4 trees.
    *Player clipped trees.
    *Speedball Tunnels now have colored lights leading to their teams’ rings. (New players can’t even see the GO! arrow on the top of their screen).
    *Slowed down the ring, but it is still faster than V2.
    *Widened up the speedball rings.
    *Fixed alot of misaligned textures, so they should look better.
    *Changed the top window so people can actually see the window inside to throw the ball out.


  • Replaced with this now.

  • realized that the gates were acting strange, and once they worked, they really brought in bad gameplay

    here is v5 here. this will be the final version unless something really needs to be fixed.

  • finally got bored of other projects i’m working on, and some issues needed to be adjusted.

    once again, huge thanks to dissident

    so here it is, v6

    *Pretty much retextured and visually improved nearly the entire map for a cleaner, city feel.
    *Trimmed down the rings’ triggers (should be not as much bullshit as they used to be).
    *Expanded the map, adding a second row of buildings behind the first one. (which means getting to the speedball will take a little longer, and the tunnels to the left and right of goals are now longer). This will allow for more interesting routes for people to run with the ball and flank.
    *Expanded the blitzball platform, making it easier to walk on.
    *Skybox more massive, added windows inside the tunnels to get a view of the city.
    *A few more props to add in.
    *Replaced the custom ambient sound with a HL2 city 17 soundscape (the custom ambience sounded really strange at certain times).
    *Better optimization.

  • well 2 month bump but there were some tiny fixes that needed to be adjusted, so here’s a new version.