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  • @Nernums:

    Also for quite a while been considering making doors each have their own wiring instead of this silly mass produced every  doors the same
    Might do it be department types as well, decisions decisions.

    Kinda hate the idea that every door would have random wires.
    But I quess it would be fine if sec/command doors would have 1 or 2 alarm wires in them, and they would have their own wire orders.
    So to break in sec/captains office you would actually have to learn the wire order from sec/command door instead of random toilet stall.

  • other thought: why do toilet stalls have airlocks

    some doors just don’t need to be secure and expensive imho

  • you never know when shit might go down while you’re taking a shit. (which you’ll probably do on the floor anyways)

  • @Dudeinyourbackyard:

    you never know when shit might go down while you’re taking a shit. (which you’ll probably do on the floor anyways)

    if you’re are standing over a toilet you shit on the floor anyways so… Can we pick up poo shove it into toilet then bring victim and drown them in poopy poo water?

  • poo seems to be the general topic now

    p.s carnage your name was never mentioned when I was talking about metagamers, stop being overly defensive like you have a reputation to keep

  • I’m in favor of installing a “flasher” in armory that instead of flashing triggers a loud alert on the security comms server with the location the “flasher” was installed.
    That makes sneaking actual sneaking.

  • I’d love to make the armory more secure because currently it’s too easy, one r-wall and two standard doors in the way of it.

    An alarm system seems the way to go.

  • With a public autolathe availible people seem to forget you can mass produce RCD’s and Compressed Matter ammunition to de_stroy any doors you come across.

    Literally the only place you can’t get into is the AI upload because of the blast door.

  • Exactly, the armory is protected by three doors, the main brig door, the wardens room / sec room door, and the armory door itself.

    Really, the armory should have blastdoors and should be seperated from the station, maybe like an airbridge you see in goon? Are those hard to code in?

  • Yeah right! Add an air bridge makes it even harder to notice the miners, engineers in the room and makes Syndicate Operatives pretty easy.

  • Then surround it with turrets that shoot everyone without sec ID.

  • Make the turrets turn to lethal if the person is targeted for more than a few seconds so they can’t use lockers and shit to block electrodes. People who are in the armory unauthroized are allowed to be killed anyways.

  • Then again, if we actually had an intelligent crew, the warden would watch the armory.

  • The problem being there’s hardly 10 players to make a crew in the first place, let alone anyone is going to play security.

  • and if we ever got to 10 players they’d probably be all job banned from sec anyways

  • Not really since we no longer strictly apply space law security is more capable of dealing with shitters who waste the whole round getting guns.

  • damnit vanellope stop proving I’m wrong

  • Also more than one person has been temp banned from sec for killing people who hacked or wielded their way into the armory… Then again the same person was permabanned for killing 1 person who attacked him first.

  • So question about space law, if there’s proof the person has been in the armory unauthroized, but they are not currently, can you still kill them?

  • I’d say if there’s valid proof that they’ve been in the armory, yes, but make sure you tell your sec buddies and possibly command before doing so to avoid people trying to kill you.

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