Amnesia 2

  • Anyone play it? Wanted to try it but heard Dear Esther devs trashed it up with their 5DEEP10ME innovation.

  • Anyone play it? Wanted to try it but heard Dear Esther devs trashed it up with their 5DEEP10ME innovation.

  • I intend to start it next week when I have access to my desktop. I’ve heard several discouraging things about it, however: it’s shorter than the original, you have constant access a light source, and the scares are cheap. I’ll comment on my experience later but don’t get your hopes up for a worthy sequel.

  • The scares are now more akin to Dead Space jump scares than the nerve wracking terror found in the first game.

  • It has a really good sound design, sadly that’s about it…… The monster that should be threatening and scary really is not. The story and everything else though is pretty interesting.

  • You have unlimited lamp.
    Lamp flickers when something dangerous is about to happen/is nearby.
    The few times it doesn’t flicker is when jumpscares, such as a collapsing bridge.
    No sanity meter.
    Story is batshit insane at some points (let’s use poop for power!), some parts feel like attempts at memes. “MORE PIG!”

  • I just beat it. The game does mainly use jump scares and most of the enemies that you face are dumb and not very scary once you figure them out.
    The atmosphere is pretty great but since there’s no sanity meter it feels like a stealth game with darkness being safer than lit areas.
    Overall it’s good, just not anywhere near as good as The Dark Descent.

  • Amnesia MFP seems to definitely take cues from Dear Esther, you’re placed in this wonderfully atmospheric and composed world, but you mainly just go along.

    Amnesia II takes the poignancy and gentle pacing of Dear Esther and replaces it with tension and a sense of dread.

    I’m getting a kick out of it, but it isn’t as scary as the first one was.

  • Same here, I was hoping for more of the Dark Descent but I didn’t really research it and find out it’s essentially Dear Esther: Horror Edition. Still the story seems pretty decent and the atmosphere is really cool, so I’ll probably dredge through it. If you want more actual Amnesia you oughta try out some custom story mods for the first game. I haven’t gotten around to them but I heard Justine is a great one.

  • I have to say, the idea of removing the sanity and oil seems to ruin it. What made the first one terrifying is that you couldn’t hang around. You knew something bad was around the corner, but you had to force yourself to move forwards, else you’d run out of oil and/or end up going insane.

  • Getting a phone call and listening to child voice actors in my head while I’m trying to investigate nothing sure is scary

  • 2 deep 4 me

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