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Your first Antag experience?

  • So NoX, what was your first time as an antag like? I kind of remember mine as, panic, spawn some tator object, get caught spawning it and die.

  • So NoX, what was your first time as an antag like? I kind of remember mine as, panic, spawn some tator object, get caught spawning it and die.

  • “hajjar = self”

  • On a server that probably does not exist anymore it was my first time playing the game too, i got a revolver and bullets, and just went killing everyone, i got like 10 people before dying to a engi

  • Chaplain Traitor, I went to assassinate my target trough space, but back then I didn’t know how to turn on internals…

  • Got an e-sword as assistant and had to kill a roboticist, which was the only workplace I knew where was, as I had been forced borged several rounds in a rov. I asked to be borged and they let me in and as they was typing, I killed them both. The AI saw me, and since I didn’t know how to loot bodies for their ID and escape, I found the “rest” verb and lied down ontop of one of the corpses. I managed to get the drop and murder one sec officer before I was tased and spaced.

  • I got traitor rather late since I noticed much much later that I had to turn it on to be traitor…
    So after some time on goonstation I got traitor scientist and had as objective to destroy the research platform and die a glorious death. But instead of dying in the explosion I decided to head to the station after I injected myself with several annoying diseases from virology (which was a part of research there), strip naked and punch the captain in the face while shouting I am a traitor. The captain arrests me and drags me accross the station into the brig and interrogates me till I suddenly gib from GBS and the whole station was sick.
    Thanks to wikis this was possible.

    In the end the shuttle had to be called because everyone was dying since the virus had no cure… at least no cure that was on the station… dunno what exactly it was.

  • Spawn as a tater, hide in cargo. Be the QM, order gloves, get a ton of items I knew were robust from the autolathe. Finally figure out how to break into engineering by disassembing an R-wall, open the thing up, get my plasma tank, hide the rest of the round with my flamethrower and plasma, got on the shuttle, win.

    Back when I played Cargo and nothing but cargo I just used the autolathe as a life line to cargo’s supply. Also I was pretty good at turning it into a fortress.

  • I was an assistant and I didnt know how to play so I would kill people with a crowbar then drag them into maint because hell, common sense is hide the evidence. Then people said i was a changeling and I was like, what? Then some sec guard tased me and gibbed me, he tricked me into thinking he was my friend.

    Remember guys, sec is NEVER your fucking friend.

  • Well the first experience I  remember as antagonist was when i was a traitor chaplain. I took some time to unlock my PDA.  by then a bunch of people were coming in the chapel to commit suicide.  when i unlock it i got my objective. It was to kill myself. I think i tried to kill myself by bashing my head in. In the end all the traitor failed in killing them self.

    Now that i think about it since that time i played all antagonist role except traitor. It must have stayed with me.

  • A lot of traitor chaplains.

    I was a traitor chaplain and had to steal a functioning AI. At this point I didn’t know about intellicards, or the turrets. It was a traitor+ling round too, and whilst I was thinking up a plan, someone asked to come into my office, and then I became paralyzed, and I was like “what the hell is this?” I didn’t know what it was, I thought it was like a disease, then he started to grab me and absorb me, and all through it I was just like “wat”.

    Turns out I was his target.

  • I don’t quite remember my very first, its been a very long time.

    My guess however is that I was an engineer and somehow killed myself from not knowing how internals work or something

  • my first was spawning an esword and ebow, only to slip on water and get killed by a random assistant with an extinguisher and beaker filled with water.

    back then i didn’t know water was that robust, nor how to spray water on the floor