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I feel old.

  • I see not much has changed.

  • I see not much has changed.

  • Welcome to gmod 2013.

    Hords of children flood the darkrp/perp servers and yell in the mic 24/7.
    The physics engine is still retarded with more methods to crash a server.
    TTT has been overloaded with guns and kids.


  • Why mess with a good thing right?

  • @PureJeenyus:

    Why mess with a good thing right?

    I’d say more like a “decent thing” since everything else is shit, and I mean that every “gig/thing” is slowed or bottle-necked by gmod’s lack of consistency in updates and bug fixes.

  • The funny thing is that I used to have a computer that ran Gmod quite poorly. When I eventually spent a whole bunch of cash to build a system from scratch I expected drastic improvements in framerate. Sure my framerate was way better, but not smooth, despite the fact that I could play Skyrim maxed out with several visual enhancement mods at better framerates than Nox Gmod servers. Shit, Skyrim can load faster into a saved game than Gmod can start up.

  • 6+ years here… What am I doing with my life.

  • you know nothing

  • I miss 2009/2010.

  • They were good years for me. Half way through college, lived in a big house with 5 of my best buddies. Had the whole basement to myself along with a walkout to the back yard, a jacuzzi and sauna. Great party house, most fun I ever had. And the RTP dominance, so sweet.

  • I can’t even ironically hate things anymore without feeling bad

  • In fact, there’s a crapton of shit going down now, not just in Gmod.
    Gmod was always getting more retarded day after day. Now I can’t even play on a server without dope fps lags and 5 min of connection to a server!

    And yeah, I somewhat miss 2009/2010, myself. Own reasons.

  • Things were simpler and more straight forward in 09, at least in my life. I was a year into my job and the sky was the limit. Then I added a stint of college into the mix and now here I am 4 years on and i’m still juggling the two.