Dirty floors over time

  • well i dont only mean the carbon ones. in the ss theres 3 tiles or more covered in carbon dirt, and the rest have these sweat-like shit stains on them. i would rather have those than the carboned floors because they look way more badass

    i dont expect the janitor to clean it…on the contrary. if you add the carbon dirt, it would be too noticeable and tedious to clean it up every now and then, fuck that. make the floors look like the ones in the brig cell or the ones in the ss (the sweaty ones without the carbon). they arent too noticeable but they make the station look more textured

    could possibly make it so that each time a tile gets stepped on it increments a variable until it reaches a limit, then turns dirty. that way high traffic areas would look like shit while other areas wouldnt. on top of that you can make it so that low traffic areas still get shittier, just over long, random periods of time

  • on step processing on a server that can peak to around 85 people on weekends, just to make a barely noticeable cosmetic difference isn’t really gonna fly

  • would it? i mean its just a single increment. i dont know dream maker but if you say its not gonna go (and if you got no other idea how to make it good performance wise) then i guess it really isnt worth it

    edit: what if you make a single timer, and at the end of it check all floor tiles for a chance to turn into shitty ones, chance should be at 1% or half of that, and would stand at 10 minutes.

  • @Cheepo:

    I guess it could keep the janitor busy when he’s not cleaning up corpses.

    _> Janitor doing job? hahahaha

    Hes to busy being murdered for slipping the floor to clean.

  • without his janicart he easy kill able maybe  they are strike for it being taken away.

    for this copy/steal yoga dirty floors

  • janitors deserve to be beaten if they dont use speace cleaner, but then again how can we blame them when chemistry is being stupid?

  • throw a wet floor sign down anyone who complain point to the sign

  • they dont care, they will look for an excuse

  • but at least you will know you ere in the right and if they attack you slip them with cleaner grenade

  • but then they would call sec on you for being rouge

  • like sec going to waste their time on the janitor provided they even bother to respond

  • then greytide would robust you as a favor to the chump you slipped

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