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Space Station 13 Screenshots

  • One day while passing by the library, Frogman noticed a very lonely librarian sitting behind the desk, but he was in luck! Frogman knew exactly how to help him make friends! It would require a bit of effort, tables, a banana peel, and a pai.
    After collecting the tools, Frogman peered into the library to find our lonely librarian still lonely as ever. It was time to get to work, after all I had a promise to keep.

    By hiding a banana peel under a pai and then constructing a table next to the library’s desk, Frogman was able to find the librarian lots and lots of friends in a very small time frame. It was as simple at throwing them over the desk.
    Everything was going perfectly, that is until some asshole decided he wanted to leave.

    And a thing he had! He made quick work of the tables. In an effort to stop him Frogman was caught off guard, leaving our hero robusted after a horrible misunderstanding.

  • It’s shit like this is why I kept coming to Nox regardless of the population.

  • Intercepting transmission…
    Sender: Frog Man
    Time sent: 21/7/13

    If you are receiving this message, Nanotrasen has probably already succeed in the biggest cover up of space station 13 history. I had uncovered plans of a staged false flag attack that would result in a war raging across the galaxy. In order to protect the human race, I became a secret service agent tasked with keeping the captain alive at all costs, even if it means hopping in front of a bullet for him. The captain seemed to ignore my warnings and told me that he didnt want me to protect him, it did not take long for him to show signs of incompetency either. In order to ensure the captain’s survival, I kidnapped him and whisked him away to a secret base I had constructed. I am broadcasting this message from the communications console. As of right now a massive fire rages in the main hallways and there are little to no signs of life on the station. It is only a matter of time before the shuttle arrives, and things are looking grim. You cant let Nanotrasen get away with this!

  • ha

  • God damn frogman you’re killing me

  • Is that a wish granter?

    oh no

    OH NO

  • Every time I see the HoS trying to get security in line I think of this.

  • more tea mrs. spider?

  • :3

    buckling mobs to chairs saved so many lives