One thing I’ve noticed is even if you give the zombies a lot of buffs, the winrate will not decrease overtime in the long term. There was a sharp decrease to 9% in the first week of the recent buffs, but it rose to 12%. After these recent buffs, the winrate has roughly remained 12%. I think it’s a testament to the player base and the fact that you can’t make the gamemode more interesting by buffing zombies because humans just aren’t going to take risks if you do so. Humans taking more risks is how it used to be and it worked…and some how the winrate was still roughly 12% or at least felt like it, even a year or so ago. The biggest contributors to winrate increases are going to be hallway and maps with terrible zombie spawns, and maps with zombie gas inside sigil spawns making that go the other way. We need to address the problem in different ways. Make sure we keep getting rid of maps with predictable outcomes. Making games of ZS predictable is bad. Both sides should believe they should be able to push an advantage. Increase the starting zombie count to mitigate the effect of AFK zombies. And perhaps we’ll see if we need some kind of zombie reimbursement, because the whole really is more than the sum of it’s parts and it would take more than a health buff to reimburse said players. We need more things to do outside like collect X items or something. Make those spawns away from sigils. If it’s lucrative enough you’ve got a reason to take risk and then zombie players have a reason to go Fast Zombie and attempt to chase them down.