• RE: [ZS] The "Point Starve" Meta

    Then I’d be worried above the “Initial Dead/Fresh Dead” situation, those scenarios where you get zombies that wipe humans on wave 1 all the time and no way to peter them down because there’s enough zombies to make it sufficiently dangerous to go outside at all, because zombies would be powerful enough from the get go. It needs a lot of careful consideration.

    Maybe what about both keep patient zero for now, tone it down a little, and introduce the leg damage mechanic at the same time. Try that out for a bit and adjust which direction it needs to be.

    Could also try another thing I wanted before, just raising the starting population of zombies instead of patient zero.

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  • RE: [ZS] The "Point Starve" Meta

    The Patient Zero status and increased health associated with that is substantial for dealing with spawn camping. I see a lot of players die to it all the time and hence, yes, you might see they’re vocal about, which I’m making assumption you’ve seen. But these players were outside, they were attempting to spawncamp. Would you really prefer that to be gone? The only case this phasing change helps is if they’re stupid enough to actually try to go back into the cade instead of running outside more. If the zombies don’t get the extra speed then they’ll have to rely more so on Fast Zombie being available to catch them.

    It basically allows smarter players to spawncamp better if patient zero is gone. A lot of them have good enough spacing to get into the cade before a zombie hits them at all.

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  • RE: Banned for no reason

    it’s always no reason at all! wow!

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  • RE: [ZS] The "Point Starve" Meta

    Anything like that should be starting with reducing the amount of phasing speed and then perhaps and at a push make humans take leg damage when phasing. Making them stop phasing could do weird things in a prop.

    Yeah I might tone down phaser and skills associated with that.

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  • RE: [ZS] Combine Arsenal Crates/Resupply Boxes with trinket counterpart

    This would be okay. The packs themselves are clunky on their own.

    I want to also fix floating arsenal packs. The issue occurs when the pack goes out of pvs or the player the stops drawing. Looks like I’ll have to make it rely on server positioning separately or something.

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  • [ZS] Combine Arsenal Crates/Resupply Boxes with trinket counterpart

    When Arsenal Crates are packed or when a player has an arsenal crate in their inventory, the crate appears on the player’s back functioning as a mobile Arsenal Crate (same as current trinket). Players can place them down and it will disappear from their back. This simplifies having two Arsenal Crates types and renders them always available to other players regardless if it’s in a player’s inventory. Above applies to Resupply Boxes and Arsenal trinket.

    Resolves the following issues:

    • Players who have arsenal crates/resupply boxes but don’t place them down
    • Not being able to purchase from an arsenal crate on objective maps because it was packed up already
    • Using arsenal crate trinkets on only on objective maps/having both arsenal crates and arsenal crate trinkets on objective maps; same for resupply boxes
    • Choosing between arsenal trinkets vs arsenal crate; arsenal crates are much easier to purchase from and arsenal trinket owners can’t place them down
    • Buyer’s Insight/Supplier’s Acuity showing players with arsenal crates/resupply boxes in their inventory; with this change players won’t have to distinguish between arsenal crates/resupply boxes in inventory (cannot collect) vs arsenal trinkets/resupply trinkets and ones placed down (can collect)

    Also increases convenience for humans as more mobile resupply boxes will be seen; also gives humans the ability to purchase anytime on objective maps since arsenal crates require constant packing. Some humans may miss opportunities to purchase from the shop if the arsenal was packed up already.


    • how to merge collecting from resupply box trinket first-person view in hand vs. wireframe used for placing down

    chat logs

    Mon Feb 19 21:31:36 2018 <STEAM_0:1:104513067> Binyot: no forcefield <mossman>
    Mon Feb 19 21:31:41 2018 <STEAM_0:0:5888158> yabblah: not a single forcefield buyer
    Mon Feb 19 21:32:38 2018 <STEAM_0:0:5888158> yabblah: i had 70 points
    Mon Feb 19 21:32:39 2018 <STEAM_0:1:17364577> SOS-団 Tyler1274 redeemed as models/zombie/poison.mdl while a Poison Zombie
    Mon Feb 19 21:32:42 2018 <STEAM_0:0:5888158> yabblah: then u packed up arsenal
    Mon Feb 19 21:32:43 2018 <STEAM_0:0:5888158> yabblah: lmao
    *(from random rounds)*
    M_0:1:19045957> Raox [Team Say | Survivors]: put down the crate.
    12 17:03:33 2018 <STEAM_0:1:95863605> Lando: put down the resupply
    19773260> Mr. Shisai [Team Say | Survivors]: PUT DOWN ARS
    1:00:52 2018 <STEAM_0:0:54994190> Paper: omg put down the arse
    2018 <STEAM_0:1:43626242> Watzi: pokkel wont put down the resupply
    0:0:62694791> chiken [Team Say | Survivors]: put down a resupply
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  • RE: [ZS] Cohesing Sigils and Arsenals

    So destroy the sigil…

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  • RE: [ZS] Cohesing Sigils and Arsenals

    But why? Why encourage players to AFK and place deployables for spawn camping? Pretty sure you should be not encouraging that game play.

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  • RE: Some jerk named Paper immediately changed my loading screen message that I spent a lot of time getting the silver for it.

    lol owned

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  • RE: Unban request from SCP: Secret Laboratory server

    you are not wanted here

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