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    dude that’s a nice looking d**k but why is Field Hammer saving pics of it?

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    @atomic said in Admins cleared out:

    @jetboom Mainly keeping the “brand” alive. I’d gladly purchase and host a dedicated box myself in order to at least keep this one of a kind community together instead of hitting delete. Just the trademark.

    I know this is too early to say but “Gmod 2” is being made by facepunch and there is a good possibility that some of my friends and I will produce some games for that.

    I know you don’t have time to develop for it so I’ll pass on that. Keeping stuff up isn’t an issue. It’s more the fact that no one is left to carry it along so I’m going to go ahead and just shut it down instead of have it fade out. If there were people I knew that wanted to keep going then I’d change my mind but the only ones remaining left after betraying a dire amount of trust. Had people actually cared about “nox” they would’ve shunned them, told them to fuck off, start scouring for new developers and a way to save it. Instead, absolutely nobody mentioned what was going on until I had to find out for myself.

    The very same people who were just talking over voice to me for the past few days had betrayed a massive amount of trust and were acting like nothing was wrong. I found out from viewing logs that “nox regulars” were joining for 2 minutes to advertise another server while no admins banned them for said advertising, mostly because it was the admins doing it. Someone decided to also use the chaos to bring about his own personal drama that he had been brooding on for the past few weeks. Had they simply asked I would have likely given them full upload rights or the server itself but they chose to weasel around like sewer rats.

    If anything has been clearer and taught to me from this and over the years in general: people do not respect a certain author, the entity (nox), or an idea. They respect whatever the machine feeding them the means to satiate their needs happens to be at the time, only if it coincides with their exact tastes, and never longer than it takes to find a new source of replenishment. That’s not only true in this case but in all cases of people splitting off to do their own thing. It was never amicable or indifferent, it was always bitter even when I gave them the tools needed to do it on a silver platter (releasing code those years ago). Everyone you interact with is likely two-faced of the utmost degree and I would rather not continue that. That’s not to say that everyone is like that, but the vast majority are.

    I’m also not saying I would ever do it but anything I made in gmod2 would be 100% private with no collaborators. gmod9 style. That’s not to say that I would anyway. I don’t think there’s any point in what is essentially just C# on top of UE4.

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    @atomic said in Admins cleared out:

    I know I’m pretty much invisible at this point but if there is no chance of an ownership transfer, how about use of the trademark NoXiousNet?

    Pretty understandable if you want to keep it. It’s basically your creation.

    for what purpose?

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    @colil said in Admins cleared out:

    how does a team that worked together for more than a decade break up so easily i dont understand

    im calling that they will reunite in the future

    In terms of development, it was literally just me up until 3-4 years ago.

    @templeos said in Admins cleared out:

    @JetBoom any chance at all you’ll release the NoXiousNet core code (the pointshop, chat and related stuff) at all? I always found that stuff really cool and I’d like to see how you did certain things.


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    Take your troll shit to the other threads.

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  • Admins cleared out

    If you were an admin and aren’t anymore, contact me. I removed all admins due to mutiny in the ranks.

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    I’m going to replace the anime models with the smaller bones only because recent deads using the model will be harder to shoot.

    As for redeeming, it was a quip about it being a bad idea when ZS was first made. It’s obviously too integrated to remove now.

    Tickle is the only zombie that can punish bad barricades. I can remove him but then red marrow or something similar would have to be buffed to compensate.

    Not sure what you mean about tier 6 nerf and put in to tier 5. That was already done months ago and for good reason. Humans did not need nuclear bombs available to them.

    Humans do not get pulled backwards if hit while phasing. They merely are slowed. This was one of the most delayed but needed changes. Phasing was never meant to be some kind of magic get-out-of-jail free card, it was a way to get in and out of barricades without dismantling and reconstructing them. I do remember a deployable teleporter being an early answer to this problem and eventually I decided on adding phasing instead.

    Points even if AFK is a moot complaint. People already get points from owning a crate/ammo box/remantler. I can remove it and make it increasing XP instead of points for surviving but that’s about it.

    I’ll use this thread to add some other thoughts:


    There’s generally too many zombie classes right now that are all very slight variations of each other or they fulfill a very similar role. Adding evolved forms reduced this clutter a bit but there’s still a massive amount, and bosses still use the variant system. I was thinking of combining a few zombies (boss or otherwise) to get rid of the clutter and make some existing ones more interesting / have a more varied kit. Examples:

    • Fast Zombie, Slingshot. Slingshot by pressing reload.
    • Butcher, Devourer. Both are for hunting humans outside barricades. Has his knife on left click and a meat hook (devo mechanics) on right click. Killing humans gibs them.
    • Nightmare, Ancient Nightmare, Howler. Nightmare stats with constant Howler aura and dim vision aura immediately around it. Even a new player can be useful now.
    • Cool Wisp, Wisp. Uses Wisp graphics and attack but now has a constant cold aura immediately around it.
    • Giga Gore Child, Shadow Gore Child. Just remove the shadow one since they’re carbon copies except shadow gives a dim vision on hit and does half damage.
    • Shade, Frost Shade. Both are the same deal.
    • Frost, regular, vile ghoul.


    Humans should be rewarded for lasting some time without actually winning, and zombies should be penalized for leaving. The easiest way I see doing this is to give people XP when the round ends, based on the number of seconds you lasted to. If you die on wave 6, you’ll get way more XP than if you die on wave 3, and redeeming instantly puts you at the new time. Actually surviving is the way to get the most. Leaving will get you 0. May have to reduce the amount of XP you get from points or brains. If people got the most rewards from surviving the clock then there would be less suiciding and less care about points rather than winning.

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