• Important announcements, events, publishes, it's all here.

  • This is the general section, for things not fitting in any _other_ category.

  • Our favorite pastime and the life blood of humanity.

  • Let's pretend our political and other worldly views will be changed by talking about them.

  • For all of your links to _HILARIOUS_ videos, pictures, and other things of that nature.

  • Pen and paper games and other nerdy non-video "games".

  • Post suggestions here and read laughably bad suggestions that others have made.

  • For anything not fitting in the below categories.

  • This board can be used for Hammer discussion, map work-in-progress threads, and map release threads.

  • All about the hit Zombie Survival mod. Talk about the zombie apocalypse here!

  • Make sure you bulk up for the big game. I wanna see some wet cleats.

  • The very first and worst gamemode!

  • It's like I'm really Neo flying off a wall shooting remote controlled bullets while having a seizure.


  • How to avoid plainly hidden traps: let your team members go first.

  • Post requests to get a suspension removed or to suspend a troublesome person.READ THE RULES FIRST BEFORE POSTING!!

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